What Does The Gold Diamond Mean On Tinder

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean On Tinder

Tinder is a very popular dating app where you can find people to partner with.

You might have already tried using the app and liked it.

Tinder has various features which are there to help you find the perfect person for yourself.

While using the app you might have been confused about seeing the Gold Diamond beside a profile.

In that case there is no need to be confused anymore as you will get to know what it is as you keep reading.

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean On Tinder?

On Tinder, The Gold Diamond means that a particular profile has been selected as a top pick for you by the app’s algorithm.

These top picks are based on the profiles you have liked and swiped on in the past, and are updated every 24 hours.

The presence of a gold diamond does not necessarily mean that the user is a paid subscriber or that they have a premium account on the app.

It is simply a feature that is intended to help users discover profiles that may be of particular interest to them, based on their past preferences.

It is recommended that users check out their top picks as they are likely to be good matches for them.

Note: The profiles with gold diamonds are profiles that Tinder thinks you will be most attracted to so you should always check those out.

It is recommended that you don’t skip those profile and thoroughly check them before moving on as your chances of finding a partner from those Gold Diamond profiles are very high.