How To Turn ON Or Turn OFF VSync In Overwatch 2

Modern monitors with greater refresh rates should not use VSync(It should be turned off) since it is an outdated technology for 60Hz screens (120hz, 144hz, 240hz, or 360hz).

Additionally, VSync may cause stuttering and increased in-game latency since it is incompatible with other technologies like GSync or FreeSync.

In general, Overwatch 2 is already set up for the maximum frame rates, and GSync only makes certain situations better.

More detrimental to performance than the occasional tearing of the screen is input latency, which is caused by the synchronization of refresh rates and frame rates.

Are you playing Overwatch 2 on PC or a console like PS4, PS5, or Xbox?

Console users of Overwatch 2 have few options they can adjust, while PC players may change how their game appears to enhance performance.

However, this does not imply that console users must use the standard layouts.

You can consistently beat your opponents if you optimize your settings.

It’s hard to name a set of settings as the finest since they might depend on personal choice, but top players seem to have comparable layouts, suggesting that depending on their preferences, there could be a sweet spot you can locate for any setup.

The players Rascal and Super from the Overwatch 2 League served as inspiration for the settings below.

But because you can only improve these settings with your own tweaks, don’t be afraid to fiddle around and try out other numbers.

How To Turn ON Or Turn OFF VSync In Overwatch 2

Steps to Turn ON/ OFF VSync in Overwatch 2:

Step 1: Press Esc button to open the menu

Step 2: Tap on Options

Step 3: Now, Turn ON or Turn OFF VSync accordingly under Video tab

Step 4: After Turning ON or Turning OFF, VSync will be changed successfully