How To Turn OFF Offline Mode On MultiVersus?

Multiversus 4

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game published by Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment and developed by Player First Games.

The game incorporates many characters from the Warner Bros. 

Recently lot of players facing issue with MultiVersus.

When they try to login into MultiVersus, It says Offline Mode.

So, Many playing are stuck in offline mode even through they have stable internet connection.

In this article, we will discuss How to Turn OFF Offline Mode on MultiVersus?

Why Is MultiVersus In Offline Mode?

MultiVersus is in offline mode because you have set your age under 18 in game or unstable internet connection.

Its also possible that there might be some glitch in the MultiVersus game.

If there is some glitch or bug in the game you can check MultiVersus official Twitter handle.

Multiversus Offline Mode

How To Turn OFF Offline Mode On MultiVersus?

To turn off offline mode on MultiVersus, Delete “SaveGames” Folder And Set Age 18 or Above 18

Steps to Turn OFF Offline Mode on MultiVersus:

  • Go to Window search bar.
  • Search “%appdata%” in the search bar.
  • Tap on “AppData” from the URL field.
  • Now, Go to “Local”.
  • After going to “Local”, Scroll down and Tap on “MultiVersus”.
  • Now, Got to “Saved” Folder.
  • Delete “SaveGames” Folder.
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After deleting the “SaveGames” folder, relaunch the MultiVersus again.

During launch if MultiVersus ask to provide your age then make sure you add 18 or above 18.

So, MultiVersus offline mode will be turned off.

After that you will able to play the game in online mode.

The offline mode issue will be fixed.

If you want to know how to change age in MultiVersus, check below link:

How to Change Age In MultiVersus?

Other Fixes For MultiVersus Offline Mode

Fix 1: Try Alternating Between Wi-Fi And Mobile Data

Try alternating between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if MultiVersus issue is related to your connection.

If your experience differs, we recommend you reach out to your service provider for more info.

So, check your internet speed.

Turn ON and OFF your mobile data or check router in case you using wifi.

Also, try to switch from mobile network to wifi or wifi to mobile network.

Fix 2: Wait For Sometime Until MultiVersus Fix The Issue

If MultiVersus is stuck in offline mode then high chances that there are some technical issue in MultiVersus or MultiVersus server is down and MultiVersus team already know and is working to resolve the issue. 

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In this case, you can’t do anything so just wait till issue is resolved from MultiVersus team side or MultiVersus server is up.

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To turn off offline mode on MultiVersus, Delete “SaveGames” Folder from your PC And Set Age 18 or Above 18.

MultiVersus offline mode will be turned off and you can play MultiVersus in online mode.

Alternately, there are chances that there is some bug or glitch in MultiVersus.

So, in this case wait till the bug resolved by MultiVersus team.

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