Steam 3000 Trading Cards

Steam 3000 Trading Cards

One of the most popular site for purchasing PC games is Steam and it is developed by Valve. In addition to purchasing and playing games, users may also talk with friends and edit their profiles.

Valve holds Steam Summer Sale prior to the start of the summer. Everyone wants to save money while purchasing games, thus this is one of the most awaited discounts. In 2022, it is called Steam 3000 Summer Sale. It produced in a retro-futuristic manner.

Seam 3000 started on June 23rd and will be active for 2 weeks till 7th July (PST: 10am, CEST: 7pm, BST: 6pm).

In this article, we will explain how to get all Steam 3000 Trading Cards.

How To Get Steam 3000 Trading Cards?

You can earn Steam 3000 trading cards by following ways:

1. Solve Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge Clues

In Clorthax’s Paradox Party, Every clue you solve will get you a badge.

You need to completeClorthax’s Paradox Party or Steam 3000 Badges by earning 10 Badges.

Below are all the clue answers you need to solve all clues and get Steam 3000 Badges.

2. Look Through The Discovery Queue

Want to avoid making a large purchase? Discover new games in the Discovery Queue to collect badges and Steam 3000 trade cards.

Since you simply need to click through, this is the simplest method to get trading cards, but you can only use it once per day.

3. Purchase Or Exchange Trading Cards

To finish incomplete sets, trade cards in the Trade Forum. You may purchase the card if you can’t locate the one you’re searching for.

By choosing the Steam 3000 Badge on your Badges tab, you can quickly see whether any of your friends have the Cards that are missing from the collection.

4. Purchase Games

For every $10 you spend on video games during the Summer Sale, you’ll get a trading card.