How To See Your Age On TikTok

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Social media apps have become extremely strict with age restrictions to protect young people who have become tech-savvy and give them a protected, age-appropriate social media experience.

TikTok has joined in on this critical security feature, which has made changing or verifying your age a hassle (in a good way!!).

Let’s delve deeper into how TikTok and its age verifications/ restrictions work.  

Does TikTok Show Your Age? 

Yes, TikTok shows your age. If you are an underaged user of TikTok, you can view your age as set on TikTok.

You can head to the “Me” segment of the TikTok app to check your age.

As TikTok is only totally functional for users 13 years or older, if you are a user who’s below 13, you will face a certain profile and contains limitations on the app.

How To See Your Age On TikTok?

Steps To See Your Age On TikTok:

Step 1: Log in to your TikTok account through the app with the correct ID and password.

Step 2: On the page that appears next, you can click on the “Me” section on the app.

Step 3: Click on the menu option on the right corner at the top of the app page.

In this section, you will be able to view all your details, starting from your name, age, and much more. 

How To Change Your Age On TikTok Without Deleting Your Account? 

1. Request Help From The TikTok Support Team 

You aren’t allowed to fix your age on TikTok. The option to do that has been disabled by the app’s creators.

This step has been taken to stop underaged users from changing their age in order to access some of TikTok’s upgraded features like Direct messaging services, acquiring coins, and the new Live broadcast feature.

You can always seek help from TikTok support if you have made a genuine error with your age.

You do not have to attach the required documents until and unless TikTok’s support team asks for them. The team will reach out to you in some days.

Please note that it might sometimes take several days for the support team of TikTok to get back to you and help you with the issue. Do not redo this entire process. 

2. Create A Fresh Account

If you have a relatively new account on TikTok, you can opt to just open a new account and insert the correct age and verification documents.

The process of verifying your age via the support team of TikTok can be really lengthy, so if you do not have an already established account on TikTok, you can choose to open a new one with a new phone number or email ID, which would be unrestricted. 

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You might just meet people online who will say that they can help you change your age on the app.

They are scammers, and letting them into your TikTok profile can cause major security and privacy risks. 

TikTok has disabled the age change option in its apps to protect underaged users from adult content, cyberbullying, and, worse, harassment.

So it’s best not to change your age if you are under 13 years of age. If it’s for an age error from your side, follow the steps listed above to change your age!!