How To Reactivate Your Deactivated Lyft Account?

Reactivate Lyft account

Lyft deactivation can be an unpleasant process as they fail to provide an adequate explanation regarding why your account has been deactivated or what the process includes.

Lyft Deactivated My Driver Account

Lyft has disabled your account; you should get an error notice when opening the app. Once deactivated, the Lyft driver account will no longer be able to use any of the app’s functions.

You would receive automated notifications to your phone number rather than the internal alert system; however, if you have registered your Lyft account with an email address, notification letters to that address as well.

Similarly, emails that would be sent to your account, if it was just on hold; although, the process for resolving it is a different issue.

Here are multiple reasons why a Lyft driver account has been deactivated, and it’s vital to understand how to resolve the issue. We’ll detail why your account has been disabled, how to solve the problem and avoid a Lyft deactivation using this guide.

  1. You Have Violated The Lyft Agreement: Clearly violating any of the previously agreed terms of the contract is considered a contract violation and may result in the temporary or permanent deactivation of your account.
  2. Customer Feedback: You might lose your account if you provide a terrible Lyft experience to the passengers. Your account may be blocked.
  3. Reports on Safety: Lyft is engaged in providing a secure environment for both riders and drivers. Any reports alleging violations of safety laws may result in being deactivated of your Lyft account immediately.
  4. Documents Expiration: If required documents have expired, your account is waitlisted and temporarily suspended. In this case, the only thing you need to do to recover your Lyft account is to keep it up to date.
  5. Vehicle Got Old: The account gets deactivated if your car has exceeded the limit. The best way to regain access to your account is to remove the Lyft vehicle and replace it with one that fulfills the standards. 
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Other few reasons can be:

  • Changes to your criminal and DMV records
  • You Permitted Someone Else to Drive Under Your Lyft Account 
  • Refusing To Accept A Rider With A Service Animal 
  • Car Accident 
  • Violation of The Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Low Score
  • Your background check has not yet been clear
  • You Keep a Gun in car 
  • You Disobey Lyft’s Health and Safety Policy

The Lyft Driver must follow all the rules and regulations of the company to remain activated. It is mandatory to keep all the checks. Moreover, do not do the above things in the list. 

How To Reactivate Your Deactivated Lyft Account?

Are you facing a problem in Reactivating your Driver Lyft account? Not to worry, you can contact “Customer Service Support” and discuss your opinion on why you feel the deactivation isn’t fair when you reach out to them. The account deactivation can happen when proof like your driver rating history, dash camera footage, and incident reports come in handy.

If you’ve been provided with lots of rides and have a good rating (for example), be sure to let others know about your good rating.

You can also visit Lyft Hubs that can be available in various parts of the United States and Canada. You can go to your local Lyft Hub and talk to a professional. Also, be ready to present the paperwork, including your driver rating history, relevant incident reports, and other important information required. 

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Steps to Reactivate Your Deactivated Lyft Account:

Step 1: Go to the Lyft website. 

Step 2: Move to the bottom of the page, click ‘Contact Support.’

Step 3: Click on “I can’t access my account”.

Step 4: Click on “I am a driver.

Step 5: Again, click ‘Profile and account settings,‘ followed by ‘My account is deactivated.

Step 6: Click on one of the reasons why your account was deactivated by choosing one of the boxes.  

Step 7: If you don’t get your answer. Click on the below box “I still need help”. 

Step 8: Fill the form “Tell us more so our team can help you quickly”. 

A box with a description will display. You may use this space to leave a note regarding your deleted account. The driver has any information on why you believe your account has been deactivated, provide it in the given box.

The more information you provide the quicker Lyft will react to your request. If you have any files or photographs, you will be able to attach them.

Is It True That Lyft Deactivates Riders?

True, when a rider behaves unsafely while in the car, Lyft will cancel the rider’s account.

Is The Deactivation Of Lyft Permanent?

Lyft deactivation can be permanent in some instances. If your account is permanently terminated, you will generally be informed.

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What Is The Issue With Lyft Putting Your Account On Hold?

If you’re a driver, Lyft may suspend your account if they need to evaluate an allegation made against you, such as infringing on their safety policy through breaking the law, dangerous driving, or something else.

Is It Possible To Deactivate Your Lyft Account And Start Over?

Yes, you can delete your current account and create a new one. To accomplish this, go to the account deletion page and follow the procedures mentioned. A word of warning: if your Lyft account is deleted from the system, you will not get to recover the account, so proceed with caution.

Is It Possible To Have Two Lyft Accounts?

Yes. You will be required to submit an email address, mobile number, and a picture of yourself for a Lyft account.

As a result, if you wish to create a second account on the site, you’ll need a new contact number.

Why Is It Possible For A Passenger To File A False Allegation And Have Your Account Deactivated By Lyft?

Lyft’s system isn’t perfect, sadly. Passengers who want a free ride often deceive drivers by making false statements. If this happens with you and your account gets deactivated, you should contact Lyft customer service.

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