How To Put Codes In Subway Surfers?

How to Put Codes In Subway Surfers

Are you ready to go on a ride through the colorful land of Subway Surfers with your new friends- Jake, Tricky and Fresh, and leave the scary inspector and his dog behind??

While you are cruising on your hoverboard over trains, moving at the fastest speed thanks to the jetpacks, or picking up the coins in the Subway Surfer gameland on your way; pretty sure you will be excited to know that you might just get your hands on some free stuff pretty easily.

Welcome to the world of Subway Surfer codes, given out by the game’s very own developer, that gives you access to extra coins, keys, and a lot more.

Become a part of the vibrant world of one of the most popular games in the world, and don’t miss out on these freebies!!

How To Put Codes In Subway Surfers? 

Steps to Put Codes In Subway Surfers:

Step 1: On your device, you will have to open the code redemption page in subway surfers

Step 2: Enter the new code in the space provided.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘claim reward’ option.

You are redirected back to the Subway Surfers game. Depending on the code’s validity, you will be able to reap its benefits in the game.

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As of June, the codes for the game haven’t been updated yet. You will have to use the codes as soon as they are updated here as they expire pretty fast.

For now, you can try winning challenges on the gaming platform to unlock essential in-game items, or look through your in-game mail for some exciting goodies for your great gaming skills!!

Some of the codes used in the past, that still might work-

  • giftDiscord2124
  • RunnerUp888
  • beyou
  • thebest9
  • beproud
  • cphparty9
  • tysurfers9
  • 9yearsrunning
  • Bangkokcoins
  • Tonsofkeys
  • Kiloo19Keyz
  • London2018Coins
  • Frank4Lyfe
  • Subway2019Venice
  • Sybo10k
  • potofcoins
  • MissMaiaGP
  • Keys5Zurich
  • bdaykeys
  • bdaycoins
  • BaliSummer
  • UnlockBCN
  • back2moscow
  • moscow6keys
  • moscowsurprise
  • mmbatpin
  • mmcablegoat
  • HereKittyKitty
  • DiabloNow
  • mimimonday
  • keys2singapore
  • Diablo60
  • singaporedollars
  • Nice5193
  • Naughty5784
  • Naughty8734
  • Nice4329
  • Nice1721
  • Naughty3973
  • Naughty2315
  • Nice9435


Keep looking out for updated codes to enhance your Subway Surfer experience.

Till then, have fun with your virtual buddies while cruising through the exciting streets of Subway Surfer on your hoverboard.

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