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On TikTok, a new trend emerges every week. TikTok often encourages the playful and creative sides of all of its users, who then start to create new trends that spread like wildfire.

The most recent viral hit on TikTok is the Pulling Man game, which players are using to make comedy and prank videos. Project Playables is the studio that made this game. It is accessible at “projects.playables.net/keys,” which is their official website.

Everyone is talking about the popular trend of the pulling man game on TikTok.

In this article, we will explain what is pulling man game and how to play pulling man game.

What Is Pulling Man Game On TikTok?

Pulling man game is simple as when you visit Project Playables’ website, you you will notice a white-bodied animated guy in the middle of white space.

The guy has four keys in each of his limbs (arms and legs). The arrow keys(Left, right, up , bottom) on your keyboard will be used to control them.

When you press any on arrow key, Accordingly the associated limb stretches and the guy makes a sound. Some describe it as crying or whimpering, while others refer to it as a screech.

Some people describe the sound as a guy groaning. As a result, the game has gone viral on TikTok.

It is one of the most basic and pleasant games available.

Pulling Man Game

How To Play Pulling Man Game For TikTok?

Steps to Play Pulling Man Game For TikTok:

Step 1: To Play the Pulling Man Game, First visit Project Playables’ website https://projects.playables.net/keys/ either on PC or phone.

Step 2: On PC, press any of four arrows keys or stretch through hand on mobile.

Step 3: Accordingly the associated limb stretches and the guy makes awkward sound.

Step 4: Give the reactions to the game and Parallelly record the video.

Step 5: Now, share the video on social media like TikTok.

Go with trend and enjoy!

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To Play the Pulling Man game, visit Project Playables’ website >> press any key or stretch the limb >> the guy makes awkward sound.

The Pulling Man game is created by Project Playables and it’s available on website: projects.playables.net/keys.

Due of the man’s moan-like responses to pushing the arrow and extending his limbs, the Pulling Man game is very popular on TikTok.

The users were taken aback by this and couldn’t help but chuckle. TikTok users giving reaction to this along with video recording and sharing on TikTok.