How To Get Free Entries On PrizePicks

Free entries are a way for users to participate in PrizePicks contests without using any funds from their credit or promo balances.

They can be obtained through promotions, challenges, giveaways, deposit bonuses, or randomly.

To use a free entry, you simply need to select the specified number of squares, leave the entry amount empty, and submit the entry.

If your picks are successful then you will win the corresponding payout in promo funds.

Free entries can be a great way for users to try out PrizePicks and potentially win prizes without risking any of your own money.

How To Get Free Entries On PrizePicks?

There are few different ways you can get free entries on PrizePicks:

1. Participate In PrizePicks Promotions

PrizePicks often runs promotions that offer free entries as a reward.

These promotions could be in the form of challenges, giveaways, or other events.

2. Complete Challenges

PrizePicks may offer challenges that reward you with free entry for completing certain tasks, such as predicting the winner of a certain number of games.

3. Win Giveaways

PrizePicks may hold giveaways that allow you to enter for a chance to win free entry or other prizes.

4. Receive A Deposit Bonus

Some deposit bonuses offered by PrizePicks may include free entries as a reward for making a deposit.

5. Receive A Free Entry Randomly

PrizePicks may randomly award free entries to users as a way to encourage them to try the platform.

Keep an eye on PrizePicks’ promotions and events page to stay up to date on the latest opportunities to earn free entries.

Do Free Entries Expire On PrizePicks?

It is possible that free entries on PrizePicks may expire after a certain amount of time.

So, It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions of any free entry you receive to see if there is an expiration date.

If there is an expiration date, it will typically be stated in the terms and conditions.

If you’re unsure whether your free entry have expired, you can try contacting PrizePicks customer support team for more information.