POF Messages Cut Off, Limit Reset, Limit Hack

Plenty of Fish(POF) is a popular dating app that is growing famous everyday among our generation.

Due to its unique messaging features the users are finding it easy to use which is attracting them to this app.

There are certain features that make the messages have a time limit for the users.

So, when you are seeing your messages are getting cut off from your chat, there is no need for worries.

In this guide we will discuss about the various reasons why your messages might be getting cut off in Plenty of Fish and the solutions that you can try to fix that.

Plenty Of Fish(POF) Messages Cut Off

There can be multiple reasons why your messages are not showing in your chat and below are given the reasons which can be the cause for disappearing messages.

  • An unstable network connection which is not letting the older messages load properly on your device.
  • The user who you were talking to might have blocked you.
  • The sender of the messages have been blocked by Plenty of Fish.
  • Maybe you have yet to mutually match with the person you have been talking to in your chat.
  • You may have unintentionally or mistakenly deleted the messages that were on your inbox.
  • You might be limited by your membership in your Plenty of Fish account which is preventing you from sending your messages.
  • Your messages could have been 30 days old and in which case they have expired and gotten deleted by the Plenty of Fish system itself.
  • You may have reached your maximum number of contact for your daily messaging. 

Plenty Of Fish(POF) Message Limit Reset

When it comes to the Plenty of Fish there is no limit on how much you can talk to your contacts but there is a limit on how many new people you can add daily in your contact or send messages to.

There is also a feature in Plenty of Fish where the system deletes the old messages if they have stayed for more than 30 days in your chat box.

Thus, ultimately you are not able to see messages older than 30 days in your inbox.

Due to the membership plan of Plenty of Fish, the system also restricts you from sending messages and matching with new users and thus you have a message limit set upon you.

However you can easily uplift that restriction from your profile if you convert your account to a membership.

In that case there is no message limit or contact limit and you can text users of Plenty of Fish as much as you like.

Plenty Of Fish Message Limit Hack

1. Check The Number Of Days For Your Disappearing Messages

If your messages keep disappearing then check whether it has been more than 30 days.

If it has been more than 30 days, then there is nothing that can be done as the Plenty of Fish system itself deletes the messages from the chats of its users that has remained over 30 days. 

2. The User Might Have Been Blocked By Plenty Of Fish Or The User Have Blocked You

The user with whom you were messaging with may have been blocked by the system of Plenty of Fish.

If you do not follow the guidelines and terms and policies of Plenty of Fish, you will get blocked by the system.

The user may also have blocked you due to which your messages have disappeared.

If such a case happens then there is nothing that you can do except moving on.

3. Try To Upgrade Your Account By Getting The Plenty Of Fish Membership

If you see the messages are disappearing and you can not connect with that user anymore then you can take the Plenty of Fish membership which will remove the message limit from your account.

Plenty of Fish has a message limit set for communicating with the users that you do not have connected with but for your contacts you can message as much as you like.

Thus, you can either upgrade to a membership account or ask the user you are interested in to connect with you so that you can keep talking to them.

To sum everything up, if you see your messages are disappearing from your chats and you have not been blocked by the user then it probably is due to the time limit of 30 days set by Plenty of Fish where the messages will delete after 30 days have passed.

There is no way that you can retrieve those messages but you can keep chatting with the user and make new memories in future.