How To Fix “Not Enough Players” In Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 not enough players

Splatoon 3 is a Nintendo Switch third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo.

The game, like its predecessors in the Splatoon series, features competitive online multiplayer as well as a story-driven single-player experience.

However, Lot of players is having issue in Splatoon 3 as they are getting “not enough players, please try again” error.

One user wrote on Reddit, “So since the launch of the game I have been struggling to find a match because it keeps saying that there isn’t enough players and I don’t know why this is happening, it isn’t my internet because I can still play splatoon 2 with no problem at all, my guess is that it’s a problem on Nintendo’s servers but honestly I just want to play online and I can’t.”

Another user wrote, “Just logged in to try the Splatfest, but it keeps saying Not enough players every time I queue”.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix “not enough players, please try again” error in Splatoon 3 and some important observations.

How To Fix “Not Enough Players” In Splatoon 3?

To Fix Splatoon 3 not enough players error, Try to change players in Splatoon 3 and restart your Nintendo Switch. This will fix your issue.

Steps to Change player in Splatoon 3:

  • Open The menu
  • Go to option settings
  • Now, tap on Others in left menu
  • Tap on player settings
  • Now, Change the Character

Also, Update the Splatoon 3 to latest version if available.

If still you are getting same error, then wait till bug/ glitch is fixed by EA team.

After sometime you can try again. It will work.

You can also connect to support team:

Also, Reddit user Rin_the_octoling shared some observation and points:

Internet is NAT type B, here are some observations I’ve found in regards to the “Not enough players found” error

  • Internet connects to lobby just fine
  • Cannot find match in Solo queue, timer stops at 120-140 seconds, then gives “Not enough players found. Please try again.” message
  • Friend ghosts can connect you to a match for some reason, though they don’t always show up in the lobby (probably due to them doing story/Salmon Run)
  • Trying to connect with friends may cause many communication errors
  • Matches with friends+randoms do NOT lag or disconnect once connected and in a match
  • Friend ghosts do not update when they go offline, so they may remain in your lobby and give communication errors if you try to join them
  • For some reason, even though I selected North America for my region, it automatically defaults my splatfest region to Japan every time I enter the game
  • Anarchy battle (open) timers give the “No players found” error after 70 seconds instead of 120-140 seconds
  • No matches found in salmon run either
  • Currently, the game is very, very buggy (understandable since it’s new) and I suspect this may be a bug/server issues instead of internet issues like many people have claimed in other peoples’ posts

I don’t know if the joining in on friends thing would work for you, but it’s the only workaround I’ve found thus far.