Top 15 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Most Expensive NFTs

Investors and collectors are becoming increasingly interested in non-fungible tokens as they seek to participate in the latest blockchain craze – and some are being paid out of this world for them.

Non-fungible tokens, also known as non-fungible coins, are digital objects that are one-of-a-kind and have a monetary value depending on the object’s rarity. Painting, movies, audio clips, video game collectible items, animated GIFs, and so on are all examples of objects that can be used as examples. NFTs are not interchangeable because they are one-of-a-kind data units on a blockchain.

Listed below are some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold:

1. The Merge ($91.8 Million)

The Merge is the most costly NFT ever sold, and it holds the top rank as the most expensive NFT ever sold. Pak is another well-known figure in new media, having created some of the most recognizable works of art in the world.

Even though the artist’s true identity remains a complete secret, they have established a significant presence in the digital art world.

The Merge is the most innovative of all the NFTs that Pak has developed. As opposed to constructing and selling a single static work of art, The Merge was a collection of sculptural masses available for purchase.

As people spent more, their ‘mass’ got larger. The Merge is the most expensive NFT sale by a long shot with sales of $91.8 million.

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2. The First 5000 Days ($69 Million) 

Christie’s sold its first-ever digital art auction for a record-breaking 69 million dollars, selling a huge collection of artwork by Beeple to a buyer. Beeple has been creating artworks continuously since May 2007, never missing a day. Every day is a collection of diverse art pieces in terms of style, medium, and theme, and they frequently feature dystopian or satirical settings. Based on the auction prices of his works, according to Artnet, Beeple is the “third most expensive living artist” in terms of auction prices, behind only Jeff Koons and David Hockney.

3. Human One ($28.9 Million)

In contrast to the majority of NFTs, which are completely digital, Human One is a hybrid design that incorporates both digital and physical features. Four television screens have a combined total resolution of 16K, and it is a human-sized sculpture constructed of polished metal, mahogany wood, and polished aluminum.

Those panels will depict a virtual avatar that will change over several years. Beeple has stated that he will continue to update the avatar for as long as he is alive and will make any adjustments that he deems necessary. Considering that someone will spend nearly $29 million on an NFT, they might as well buy one that looks as awesome as this.

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4. CryptoPunk #7523 ($11.7 Million)

A computerized avatar that sells for more than $7 million is unquestionably impressive. Then there’s the one that sold for nearly $12 million. In the case of CryptoPunk, $7523, which was purchased for $11.7 million by DraftKings shareholder Shalom Meckenzie, is exactly what happened.

It is likewise a member of the Alien series, albeit it has a few distinct accessories compared to its CryptoPunk #7804 and #3100 brothers. This NFT is decked out in a red beanie, gold earring, and a black face mask. When combined with the highly sought-after Alien skin, CryptoPunk #7523 becomes one of the most iconic (and expensive) digital creations ever created.

5. CryptoPunk #3100 ($7.58 Million) 

In the same line as CryptoPunk #7804, one of the most expensive CryptoPunks, is also one of the nine Alien Punks, making it one of the most valuable CryptoPunks.

It has a blue-greenish skin tone, reminiscent of the frequently picked-on mollusk Squidward from the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series. Likewise, the Alien sports a blue-and-white headband, even though only around 406 of the 10,000 characters do. The Punk began its journey from $76 in a 2017 bid, continued to be priced at $2 million, and eventually reached its current price of $7.58 million when it was sold on March 11, 2021.


6. CryptoPunk #7804 ($7.57 Million) 

The rarity of CryptoPunk #7804 is derived from the fact that it is one of only nine Alien CryptoPunks produced by Larva Labs. Aliens, apes, and zombies are among the more unusual CryptoPunks, found among the regular suspects.

This specific Alien avatar is decked out in three pieces of gear: a smoking pipe, a pair of little sunglasses with a few clouds of smoke rising from it, and a cap worn on the front. The sale occurred around the same time as CryptoPunk #3100, which sold for more than $10,000 more than #7804’s sale.

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7. Crossroads ($6.6 Million) 

Beeple has made several dystopian art pieces in which he mocks American presidential contenders such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. However, his Crossroads painting is likely his most famous.

Crossroads is home to a gigantic baby that appears to represent Donald Trump, whose body has been graffitied with phrases such as “Loser.” A blue-colored bird, which represents Twitter, perches on the figure’s shoulder, while a clown emoji fills the speech bubble over the bird’s head. Crossroads, a painting depicting the conclusion of the 2020 Presidential election, was sold for a whopping $6.6 million through Nifty Gateway.

8. Ocean Front ($6 Million)

Beeple is another well-known name in the field of NFT, alongside Larva Labs and others. Beople’s has sold a number of NFTs that set new sales records, one of which is the Ocean Front NFT pictured above. Ocean Front was sold at auction for a tidy $6 million, despite the fact that it isn’t even the most expensive Beeple product on the market.

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Ocean Front is a stunning piece of art that deserves to be appreciated. An oceanic timber building with a smattering of shipping containers and campers/RVs on top is depicted in the image. A huge tree and two red mushrooms can be found at the very top of the hill.

9. CryptoPunk #5217 ($5.45 Million) 

CryptoPunk #5217 has also made history as one of the most expensive NFTs in its collection and one of the most valuable. A little over $1800 was paid for the NFT’s maiden sale in 2018. A stunning $5.45 million was paid when it was sold in July of 2021.

CryptoPunk #5217 is distinguished by several distinctive design features in addition to its high asking price.

A gold chain is wrapped around its neck, and it is one of 419 styles that feature a crocheted cap. Even more astounding is that it is only one of 24 CryptoPunks that are a part of the Ape video game franchise.

10. Stay Free ($5.4 Million)

Following the release of classified documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, Edward Snowden became well-known and infamous. The Stay Free NFT, which Snowden sold for approximately $5.4 million eight years after the events of that day, thrust him back into the spotlight.

Stay Free, according to the website of the Foundation, where the NFT was sold, “combines the full of a landmark court judgment stating that the National Security Agency’s bulk monitoring violates the law with the famous photo of the whistleblower,” according to the Foundation website.

That particular NFT is the only one known to have been created by Snowden. All of the revenues were donated to The Freedom of the Press Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sponsoring and supporting freedom of expression in the United States.

11. This Changed Everything ($5.4 Million)

In June 2021, bids for This Changed Everything started at $1,000. The NFT sold for approximately $5.4 million to an unnamed buyer at the end of the process.

In exchange, the buyer received an artistic interpretation of the source code for one of the original iterations of the World Wide Web.

In addition, This Changed Everything included a digital poster of code written by Tim Berners-Lee, a letter he wrote, and time-stamped documents detailing the history of the Internet. 

12. Save Thousands Of Lives ($4.5 Million)

Many people consider non-financial-transactions (NFTs) to be frivolous investments and a waste of money in general. With their appropriately named Save Thousands of Lives, Noora Health is exactly attempting to Save Thousands of Lives initiative.

Founded on May 3, 2021, the NFT was sold for more than $4.5 million a few days later, making it the most expensive cryptocurrency ever produced.

Noora Health will use 100 percent of the earnings to save and improve the lives of tens of thousands of individuals. New mothers and their families in South Asia are taught how to properly care for their babies after being discharged from the hospital by the organization, which is mostly focused on that region.

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Based on its projections, Noora Health can save nine newborns out of every thousand births, at the cost of approximately $1,235 per life saved on average each life saved. This means $4.5 million can make a significant difference.

13. CryptoPunk #2338 ($4.32 Million)

One collection, in particular, the CryptoPunk collection from Larva Labs, has proven to be extremely popular among fans of NFTs.

The software business created each 24×24 pixel character, which has its distinct appearance, starting in June 2017. It is worth noting that CryptoPunk #2338 was sold for $4.32 million in August 2021, making it one of the more valued examples.

A total of 88 designs are included in Larva Lab’s Zombie series, with CryptoPunk #2338 being the 88th design.

There is a zombie avatar with a traditional green zombie skin tone, bloodshot eyes, and a single tuft of hair poking out from the center of its head in the image.

Almost 10,000 percent has been added to the value of CryptoPunk #2338 since it was established in June 2017.

14. Replicator ($4.1 Million)

Mad Dog Jones will surpass Pablo Picasso as the most valuable living artist in Canada when he passes away in April of 2021.

His Replicator NFT sold for a whopping $4.1 million at the Phillips auction house in New York City. When it comes to the NFT, a lot is going on!

The photocopier in the photograph is one that you would expect to see in any office building. In what appears to be a fairly small flat.

An ornate rug and a cat decorate the floor, and there’s a drafting table, a stock ticker, and a view of an immense city at night to accompany it all.

An accompanying video version, complete with synthesizer tones from the 1980s and footage of the photocopier in action, is also available to view online. It is called a replicator because this NFT generates new NFTs daily.

It is estimated that Replicator will generate between 180 and 220 unique NFTs, all of which can be preserved or sold as the owner sees fit.

15. Doge ($4 Million)

Especially for novices and those who are unfamiliar with the constantly expanding crypto market, the concept of a non-fungible token (NFT) can be perplexing.

The fact that buyers are paying as much as four million dollars for a meme doesn’t help matters either. Even if there are many aspects of cryptocurrency that the general public is unaware of, considering their increasing popularity, it may be worthwhile to become acquainted with the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

One of the best-known memes on the Internet, ‘pleaserdao,’ placed a bid of 1,696.9 ETH in an auction that took place in early June 2021, according to NBCNews.

This is a lot of money to spend on a photograph, and even more so for one showing one of the Internet’s most popular memes. The Doge NFT was valued at a respectable $4 million at the time of the sale.

Disclaimer: Above list is as of 27 December 2021. The above list may not be accurate.

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