Mark 1 Vs. Mantis: Who Is Better In Starfiled?

Starfield, the long-awaited space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, is now out, offering players an exciting adventure in space.

One of the big choices is picking between two famous armor sets: Mark 1 and Mantis.

As you play through the game and face challenges, you might wonder which armor is better.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Mark 1 and Mantis armor sets, what they’re good at, and what they’re not so good at, to help you decide which one to choose.

What Is Mantis Spacesuit?

The Mantis Spacesuit is a cool armor set that lots of players really want in Starfield.

You can get it by doing a tough and fun quest that involves solving puzzles and exploring secret outposts.

This special spacesuit weighs 16.2 and is worth 31,755 credits. It not only makes your character better but also looks really unique.

Players love it because it’s both stylish and useful, and it’s a must-have for any adventurer in the big Starfield universe.

The Mantis Armor

Mantis Starfield

1. Insane Perks

The Mantis armor set has some really cool perks that can make your character way better in fights.

These perks are unique and can help you out no matter how you like to play the game.

That’s why a lot of players who like being flexible and adaptable in the game love the Mantis armor.

2. Appearance Concerns

Even though the Mantis armor has cool perks, not everyone likes how it looks.

Some players actually call it the “ugliest” armor in the game.

So, if you care a lot about how your character looks, this might be a downside for you.

3. Good Protection Stats

The Mantis armor might not be the absolute best at protecting you, but it still does a good job of keeping you safe in tough fights.

It’s like a middle ground between being good at attacking and defending.

The Mark 1 Armor

Mark 1 Starfield

1. Exceptional Protection

Now, the Mark 1 armor is famous for being really, really good at protecting you.

When you compare it directly to the Mantis armor, it’s clear that it’s way better at defending you.

2. Challenging To Obtain

Getting the Mark 1 armor can be tough because it’s locked behind a master level lock.

This means you have to spend a lot of time and work to level up your character before you can get it.

Some people might find this challenging and discouraging, but for others, it’s like earning a special badge of honor.

3. Appearance

Surprisingly, even though the Mark 1 armor is really good at protecting you, some players think it looks kind of plain.

It doesn’t have the special style and uniqueness that the Mantis armor has.

Where Can I Find The Lodge In Starfield To Get The Mark 1 Armor?

To find the Lodge and get the awesome Mark 1 armor in Starfield, follow these simple steps to make sure you’re ready for your space adventure:

  • Start the first main mission and continue to New Atlantis.
  • Head to the basement of The Lodge, which is located in Constellation HQ.
  • Turn right into the storage room with the painting.
  • Look for the display case containing the Mark 1 armor set.
  • Unlock the display case using master-level lockpicking or find a gap at the right edge of the display case.
  • Equip the Mark 1 armor set and enjoy its superior protection stats.

If you’re looking for another way, players have mentioned getting the Mark 1 armor in the Crimson Fleet infiltration side quest by raiding a medical ship.

But remember, this method might not work for everyone and might need some luck.

What Are The Best Spacesuits In Starfield?

Here are the best spacesuits in Starfield based on the search results:

1. Mark 1 Spacesuit

The Mark I Spacesuit is considered to be the best armor in Starfield due to its high defensive stats and strong protection against all kinds of weapons, including Laser Rifles.

2. Mantis Spacesuit

The Mantis Spacesuit is a unique and highly sought-after armor set that has slightly lower stats than Mark I but has a unique look that sets it apart from other armor sets in the game.

3. Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that provides strong protection against radiation and has high defensive stats.

4. Mercury Spacesuit

The Mercury Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that provides strong protection against fire and has high defensive stats.

5. Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

The Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that provides strong protection against energy weapons and has high defensive stats.

6. Starborn Spacesuit

The Starborn Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that provides strong protection against radiation and has high defensive stats