Lies Of P Weight Thresholds

Lies of P is an upcoming soulslike video game developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz Games.

The game is based on the story of Pinocchio and is set in the city of Krat. 

One of the things people are talking about a lot in Lies Of P is something called “Weight Thresholds.”

In this article, we will go into detail about Lies Of P and what these weight thresholds mean, clearing up any confusion or wrong ideas about them.

What Is Weight In Lies Of P?

In Lies of P, the concept of “Weight” is crucial, affecting your gameplay experience significantly.

It’s more than just the items you carry; it influences your character’s mobility, stamina, and combat skills.

Each piece of equipment comes with its own weight value, and better gear tends to be heavier.

You can check your character’s weight in the Equipment menu’s top right corner.

There are four weight levels, each impacting your performance:

Lies Of P for Lies Of P Weight Thresholds

1. Regular

This weight level, ranging from 0% to 59%, represents the baseline for your character’s agility and combat prowess.

At this level, your character excels in several aspects, including swift movement, efficient attacks, and a rapid stamina recovery.

Quick dodges and rolls become second nature, making this weight range the preferred choice for players who prioritize agility and evasion over sheer defensive capabilities.

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2. Slightly Heavy

This is the first level of weight-induced penalty, ranging from 60% to 79%.

At this stage, your character can still move and attack reasonably well, but the stamina recovery starts to slow down.

Dodges and rolls are still possible but become less effective and consume more stamina.

This level is suitable for players looking for a balanced approach between speed and power or those who prefer heavier weapons and armor.

3. Heavy

Moving into the heavier range, this level spans from 80% to 99% weight.

At this point, your character’s movements become noticeably slow, and stamina recovery takes a significant hit.

Dodges and rolls are no longer effective, instead replaced by a slower sidestep maneuver.

This heavy-weight range is ideal for players who prioritize defense and raw damage output over agility and mobility, often favoring bulky armor and powerful weaponry.

4. Very Heavy

At 100% and beyond, this level represents the peak of weight-related penalties.

Your character’s mobility is severely hampered, moving and attacking at an extremely slow pace.

Stamina recovery becomes painstakingly sluggish, and the ability to perform evasion maneuvers is entirely lost, making you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

It’s safe to say that the Very Heavy weight level is unsuitable for most playstyles and should generally be avoided.

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Should You Choose For Heavy In Lies Of P?

Opting for a heavier load has its advantages, especially when aiming to equip high-quality gear like Amulets, Defense Parts, and weapons.

Heavy builds, particularly those focused on heavy weapons, usually don’t encounter issues due to their slower pace, and the Sweeper path offers a generous weight limit.

Most players can handle being Slightly Heavy without a major impact on their movement.

However, things get tough once you reach the Heavy level.

Your movement slows down significantly, and dodging becomes nearly impossible, blocking your primary defense.

Very Heavy, on the other hand, is almost unplayable due to severe mobility limitations.

While dealing with Slightly Heavy can be challenging, you can manage it with practice.

Keep in mind that for specific boss battles, reducing your weight may be necessary to effectively dodge attacks.

If you want to avoid going heavy but still equip superior gear, consider leveling up your Capacity as a viable option.

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