Kuvera Vs Groww: Which One Is Better?

Kuvera vs Groww

People are now very active on mutual funds apps and invest in mutual funds to earn profit. Kuvera and Groww are popular online mutual fund apps where people invest in mutual funds.

People used to invest in properties, and now they are also investing in mutual funds. Everyone wants to use the best online platform to invest their money. So, let us see which is the best online mutual fund platform from Kuvera and Groww.

Customer supportVia call and emailVia email
Coverage44 AMCs39 AMCs
External fund trackingAvailableAvailable
Switching to direct fundsAvailableAvailable
Portfolio insightAvailableNot Available
Goal planningNot AvailableAvailable
Family accountNot AvailableAvailable
Stock investmentAvailablenot Available
Tax harvestingNot AvailableAvailable

Features Of Groww Mutual Fund Platform

1. Real-Time Market Data

Investors can trade in stocks by knowing the real-time market data. You can see the price data on the Groww platform that changes on a real-time basis. You can easily create your strategies and invest in the stocks by knowing the real-time prices.

You can easily see the stock price data you want to invest in. You can build a MarketWatch to check the real-time prices of your chosen stocks. 

2. Charting Tools

Investors can see the past and present performance of the stocks and mutual funds through the charting tools.

You can see the daily stock market news and information on the Groww platform. The investors can see the list of top winners and losers in the Groww app. 

3. Instant Order Placements

Investors can place orders instantly on Groww. The process of investment is very short. There is a unique feature of choosing the readymade instant fund plans.

You can instantly invest in readymade mutual fund plans. You can buy or sell the mutual funds on the Groww app in just one step. 

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Features Of Kuvera Mutual Fund Platform

1. Goal-Based Investment

On the Kuvera platform, investors can set their property investment, retirement investment, or child education goals. You can set an expected amount to achieve your goal for years, such as 5 or 10 years. Kuvera platform uses inflation and shows the future value.

Kuvera will also help you choose the plan to achieve your goals by suggestions. You can also set goals on your running investment on Kuvera. Investors will also get 50 coins per goal they set. You can set multiple goals together on the Kuvera mutual fund platform. 

2. Loyalty Program

There is an amazing feature in Kuvera mutual funds app loyalty program. When the investors invest in stocks or mutual funds, they receive some coins from Kuvera.

We can say that it is a reward given by Kuvera that you have come one step ahead in taking financial investment. Investors can use these coins to start and take benefits of paid features.

The value of one coin is 1 rupee. You get 50 coins if you invest for a goal, and you get 25 coins by doing investment in a systematic investment plan. 

3. Family Account

Investors can create a family account in which a family can invest together. They can set their goals and log in with the same login ID and password.

It is a beneficial and unique feature for a family to invest together on one single platform. Everyone can invest separately in one single account. 

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Comparison Between Groww And Kuvera

1. User Interface

If we talk about the Kuvera interface, it is simple and easy to use. On the other hand, Groww has a simple interface and gives you a superior feel.

Kuvera is a beginner-friendly mutual funds platform as compared to Groww. If you are experienced, you can use go invest on Groww platform which.

On both platforms, the interface is user-friendly and simple, but the Groww platform gives a more premium look. 

2. Buying And Selling Pricing

The Groww and Kuvera platform users can invest in mutual funds without paying any commission. Both the platforms allow the users to invest in mutual funds for free.

You will not have to pay any commission when you withdraw the funds from these platforms. So, the pricing of both platforms is zero, so they are equal when it comes to pricing. 

3. Switch From Regular To Direct Funds

You have options to choose between a regular and direct plan. There is a distribution commission involved when you invest in regular mutual funds. But, in a direct plan, there is no distribution commission if you invest in mutual funds.

There are chances of more profits from indirect funds as compared to regular funds. You can easily switch from regular funds to direct funds on both platforms.

When you import your external mutual fund portfolio, you can easily switch to direct mutual funds.

4. External Fund Tracking

Investors can easily track their external mutual funds on Kuvera and Groww platforms. Investors can easily analyze the reading of their running investment portfolios in one place. Investors can easily manage their external funds on one platform.  

5. Customer Support

Sometimes investors face some issues while investing or withdrawing from mutual funds. We need strong customer support when we invest in an online mutual funds platform.

On the Kuvera platform, you can only contact them through email if you have any issues. On the other hand, Groww provides you service through email, live chat, and call. It means the Groww platform is doing better when it comes to customer support.

You can get instant support from Groww customer service and multiple options to connect compared to Kuvera. Both platform customer support will resolve your issues, but Kuvera will take a little more time than Groww.  

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After comparing both Groww and Kuvera mutual funds platforms, we can see that there are multiple unique features on the Kuvera platform.

If you want to invest in both mutual funds and stocks, you can invest in the Groww platform. If you are only interested in investing in mutual funds, you should invest on the Kuvera platform. Otherwise, both platforms are best and provide the best experience to the investors.