Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement: Missed Call Number, SMS Banking

Kotak Mahinda Bank Mini Statement

When it comes to checking bank statements, people are always looking for the easiest method. The bank can generate various types of statements regarding accounts. Mini statements are examples of such statements. You will be able to view the last three or five transactions that took place in your bank account. In this article will show you how to obtain a Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement using various methods.

How to get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement?

1. Get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement Through Missed call

  1. A registered phone number is used to make a call on 1-800-2740110
  2. The bank uses this number to identify the right account and search its database.
  3. In addition, the bank determines what type of service is being requested (balance inquiry or mini statement).
  4. The call will automatically be disconnected.
  5. The system generates SMS based on required details (e.g., balance or transaction details).
  6. Registered mobile numbers receive SMS messages containing mini statements.

2. Get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement Through SMS

Your registered mobile number is all you need to send an SMS to take advantage of this service. A mini statement will be sent to you by SMS immediately. Follow the below steps:

  1. Text an SMS as TXN, followed by the account number of the bank, e.g TXN(space)last 4 digits of the account number.
  2. Text the message to 9971056767 or 5676788
  3. Only the registered mobile number should be used to send the SMS.
  4. Your mini statement will be sent to you via SMS.

3. Get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement Through Mobile Banking

Below are the steps you need to follow to get Kotak Mini Statements via Mobile Banking:

  1. Connect your smartphone to Kotak-811 & Mobile Banking by downloading the application. The Play Store and Apple Store both offer the app for download.
  2. Use your Mobile Banking ID and Password to log in to the application.
  3. Click on your bank account from the app’s home page to view your recent transactions.

4. Get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement By Visiting ATM

  1. Find the ATM closest to your current location
  2. Slide your ATM card into the machine
  3. You can choose a language in which to use the machine by selecting it from the Language menu
  4. Input your PIN number
  5. On the machine, select “Banking
  6. Select “Mini Statement” from the drop-down list
  7. Select the type of Kotak Mahindra Bank account you have
  8. Upon submitting your request, the machine will process the request and print a mini statement receipt for you

5. Get Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini Statement Through Net Banking

  1. Visit the Kotak Mahindra official website for Account Statements and Mini Statements
  2. Enter the mobile number you registered for and your DOB or CRN number
  3. Click the “Send OTP” button to begin the process
  4. You will receive an OTP via text message from the bank.
  5. Make sure you enter the OTP correctly
  6. On the screen, you will be able to see the requested statement

How to register a mobile number for Kotak Bank Mini Statement?

Registering your mobile number will enable Mini Statements to be accessed. If you visit Kotak Bank, you can fill out an application form to register your mobile number. Through Kotak ATMs, users can also update their mobile numbers themselves. The mobile number will be registered once an SMS notification is sent.

Benefits of Kotak Bank Mini Statement?

  • You can easily track the information regarding your bank account online.
  • The smartphone allows you to access it anytime, anywhere.
  • You can monitor your payments and balances at home.
  • Several modes of money transactions can be carried out with it.


How to Close Kotak Mahindra Bank Account?

Kotak Mahindra Bank Timings & Working Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How many inquiries can I make in a day or month using the Kotak-811 app?

Kotak Mobile Application allows you to enquire about mini statements unlimited times.

Can I have two bank account numbers linked to the same mobile number?

Yes, your mobile number can be used for more than one bank account. 

What is the best way to get a mini statement in Mobile?

A Kotak mini statement can be obtained by giving a missed call on 1-800-2740110 or by sending an SMS message TXN(space)last 4 digits of your account number from your registered mobile number on Kotak 9971056767.