Kindle Books Not Showing Up In Library? Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps

You could have purchased that title that you have been eyeing for sometime now after the long wait.

However now when you are opening your Kindle to read it finally on your day off, with a coffee mug at hand you suddenly find that the title is not in your library.

You might by now be ready to tear your hair out in frustration but don’t worry as we are here to help you solve that.

Kindle is a popular app by Amazon that lets you read ebooks on your device.

Due to its ease of access it has become very popular with book lovers from all over the world.

Amazon has also released a specific device called Kindle that can be linked with your Amazon account and used as an ebook reader.

However while using your Kindle you may be facing the issue where your books are not showing up in the library.

In this guide today, we will be showing you that you can solve that issue by yourself.

Why Is Kindle Books Not Showing Up In Library?

There can be multiple reasons why you are unable to see your books in your Kindle library.

Below are the reasons given in detail for your understanding.

  • Your device may not be connected properly with the internet.
  • Kindle app may not be synced with your account.
  • You might be in need of updating your Kindle app.
  • Your purchase may have been pending or not completed yet.
  • The account that is registered with your Kindle could be different from the account through which you bought the books.

How To Fix Kindle Books Not Showing Up In Library?

Below are some fixes you can try out to show up kindle books in library:

1. Check Whether Your Kindle Is Updated To Its Latest Version

You have to make sure that your Kindle app is updated to its latest version because otherwise your Kindle will not be able to work properly.

You can go to the Play Store and update your app from there.

After You are done updating it, just close it and then start Kindle again and it should now show all the books in your library.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Oftentimes the issue of books not showing up in your library happens due to bad internet connection.

In that case, you can first check whether you have your kindle connected to a stable internet connection.

If you find that your internet is not working properly then you will have to contact your local service provider to solve the issue.

3. Make Sure That You Have Purchased The Book

It can also happen that your purchase has not been completed properly or is still in the process of completion.

In that case your book will not get downloaded or shown in the Kindle library.

You can first go to your Amazon account and make sure that your purchase has been successfully completed and then you can go back to your library and your books should automatically show up there. 

4. Uninstall And Then Reinstall Kindle App

As an alternative method you can try to uninstall Kindle app from your device and then again reinstall it after sometime.

Sometimes corrupted files get stored in the app due to which the app becomes unable to function properly as it should.

After you uninstall it and reinstall again your Kindle should work properly as the corrupted files will get destroyed.

5. Make Sure That Your Kindle App Is Registered Properly With Your Amazon Account

If you have more than one account with Amazon then it could have happened that you have purchased the book with another account which is not registered in your Kindle app.

If that happens then your book will not show up in your app.

You can check whether you have the correct Amazon account registered in your Kindle and then check the library.

As soon as you register the account where you have made the purchase and open that through your Kindle, you will be able to see the books in your library.

6. Restart Your Device

If you have gone through all the methods given above and still the books are not showing up in your Kindle library then you can try to restart your device as an alternative method.

After that you can open the Kindle and see whether you can find your books in the library.

If you are still unable to see them then you can contact the support team of amazon to solve the issue by communicating with them.