Is Angel One Safe For Trading And Investing?

Is Angel One Safe

Most of the people who are new to the stock market and those who don’t have any command over stock market apps will surely have plenty of doubts about the safety of these kinds of stock market apps.

They question themselves and doubt before installing these kinds of apps because the application process involves submitting our personal and sensitive information such as adhar card, pan card, and other personal KYC details.

So while giving this kind of information to a random company there is nothing wrong in worrying about the safety and security of their personal life.

This article will break all the myths and clear your doubts that are related to Angel One and will finally give a conclusion about our main query “Is Angel One safe” without any skip please read till the end and take as much as possible from us.

What Is Angel One?

Angel One is a company/ middleman which helps us to buy, sell and hold stocks in our everyday life. All these processes can be done over their platform.

We can also say Angel One is software that makes the trading process so easy and predictable by using their algorithms.

You can sign up to Angel One and get (cut this and enter the number of free months according to present) a free Demat account.

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What Are The Charges At Angel One?

Angel One  charges quite less than their brokerage charges. As we discussed above you can get (Number) months of free Demat account. Apart from that,

You will have zero brokerage fees on equity delivery trades with some terms.

And you will be charged ₹20 on intraday, future and options, commodities, and currencies. And finally, one can avail of free margin trade funding for 30 days with few terms.

Apart from all these charges Angel One offers many coupons which are worth 10,000 rupees which can be used in multiple websites, apps and can avail huge discounts on our future purchases.

So, these are the charges and some of the best practices of an Angel One company.

Now let’s get into our main query which is, 

Is Angel One Safe?

Yes! Angel One is a legit company because it is used by most of the YouTube creators who are running content related to the stock market, mutual funds, etc. You can just go to YouTube and search for the term “Angel One” and press enter.

You will see hundreds of top YouTube creators are making lakhs of rupees transactions and recommend to their subscribers by offering a free Demat account and free one or two months of personal assistance.

No need to worry about security because SEBI (security exchanges board of India) will monitor all the accounts. And if they feel your brokerage company is doing some unusual activity then they will take care. 

Apart from these companies these days are focusing on trust-building and long-term customer relationships rather than making profits. Companies are heavily investing in customer data security which helps to protect your data from cyber-attacks.

It’s because if a customer has a 100% satisfactory level and once he/she starts trusting a brokerage company then they tend to make huge profits in the form of brokerage fees so this happens in only long-term customer relationships and customer data protection.

So now we hope you are very confident about how secure the Angel One company is. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, Angel One is safe for investment and trading. Go ahead, and start using this amazing platform. 

  • They have been in the business since 1987 and there has not been any notable controversies till date 
  • They are member of the NSE, BSE and MCX
  • Angel One follows SEBI regulations 
  • They have physical presence in more than 1800 cities 
  • They have strong network of more than 110 branches and 11,000 sub-brokers
  • The team has good management 


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