Does IOS 17 Support Split Screen?

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen

The release of iOS 17 has been a monumental event in the tech world, with a plethora of new features that have left Android users green with envy.

From advanced AirDrop capabilities to the innovative ‘Check In’ function, iOS 17 has set a new standard for mobile operating systems.

People are talking about it a lot, and everyone wants to know what it can do.

One big question that keeps coming up is: Does iOS 17 have Split Screen? Let’s find out.

Does IOS 17 Support Split Screen?

No, iOS 17 does not support Split Screen functionality. Despite being a highly requested feature among iPhone users for enhanced multitasking, Apple has not included this capability in the latest version of its mobile operating system.

While other platforms like Android have offered Split Screen for years, and Apple’s own Mac and iPad devices provide a similar feature called Split View, iPhones running iOS 17 are still without this multitasking option.

The absence of Split Screen remains a point of discussion, especially given the large screen sizes of the latest iPhone models.

Apple has not provided an official explanation for the absence of Split Screen in iOS 17.

However, various theories suggest that it could be due to challenges related to app scaling on different screen sizes and configurations.

Apple, being a company that prioritizes user experience, may be hesitant to introduce a feature that could be problematic.

Android’s Edge: A Long History Of Split Screen

It’s important to highlight that Android has been offering Split Screen functionality for several years.

This feature enables users to operate two apps side by side, thereby enhancing multitasking and productivity.

It’s a handy feature, and it’s one reason some people prefer Android over iPhones.

The Mac And IPad Scenario: Enjoying Split View

Interestingly, Apple has integrated Split View into its Mac and iPad line-up.

This feature allows two apps to be displayed side by side, offering a form of multitasking.

However, this is not a full-fledged Split Screen feature, and its absence in iOS 17 is conspicuous.