Instagram Try /silent Meaning

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media app in the world.

Instagram add new feature time to time to attract and engage more/ new users.

Instagram added new feature called /silent by using this you can send silent message to another user without notifying to his/ her.

When people go another user DM or in a group chat they are seeing Try /silent in search bar and got confused about this what is this and how to use this.

In this article, we will discuss what Instagram Try /silent meaning and how to use /silent feature on Instagram.

Instagram Try /silent Meaning

Try /silent is feature that lets you send messages on Instagram without notifying to other users or group chat peoples.

Using /silent feature, you can send message without a notification on Instagram.

When you send message as private or in group chat using /silent feature, They will not get any notification.

But they will receive message.

You can send text, photos, videos, emojis and anything else which you like as a normal message using /silent feature.

silent feature sc instagram
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When recipient go to message and he/ she can easily view simply as normal message under message tab when they login into their Instagram.

/silent feature can be used when you don’t want to disturb recipient and that message is not urgent.

You can simply sent message using /silent.

To sent silent message on Instagram, Type /silent at the start of message then space then write your message and Hit on send button.

Silent Message Syntax: /silent <space> <message>

For example: “/silent Please call When you open Instagram DM Tab

After that message will be sent to recipient but recipient will not get notification.

How To Use Instagram /silent Feature?

Steps to Use Instagram /silent Feature:

Step 1: Open Instagram App

Step 2: Tap on DM button on top right of screen

Step 3: Open the chat to whom you want to send silent message

Step 4: Type normal message and just write /silent in front of your message like “/silent Please call When you open Instagram DM Tab” .

Instagram silent featue sc
Instgaram silent feature sc 2

Step 5: Hit on Send button.

Step 6: The message will be sent without notifying the recipient.

Instagram /silent Feature Not Working

If /silent feature not working on Instagram DM then first update Instagram app to latest version and close reopen the Instagram app. After that Open Instagram app again, /silent feature will start working.

After updating Instagram app to latest version if still /silent feature not working that means /silent feature is not rolled out to you.

When Instagram rolled out new feature, they rolled out to limited users only in starting for testing purpose.

So, wait till /silent feature rolled out to everyone.

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