Instagram Story Viewer Order

instagram story viewer order

When the followers view your stories, a list is presented to you regarding the viewers.

These views are not random, but they are arranged according to the Instagram story viewer order.

The viewer order list is prepared by Instagram’s algorithm, which tracks and assembles the list based on the interaction of these accounts on your profile.

Instagram Story Viewer Order

The Instagram story viewer order is the order in which the accounts appear when they view your stories.

The algorithm presents the account on the top that interacts with the user’s profile the most.

The accounts on the top will represent the people that interact with your profile most in ways of texting, sharing posts, or multimedia. 

However, according to various studies, the algorithm changes based on the no of views you have on the story.

Till there are 50 views on the story, they are listed in chronological order, but if the views cross this mark, then they are listed in the order of interaction with your profile.

Does The Instagram Story Viewer Order Mean Anything?

Yes, the Instagram Story Viewer order means that there is a particular list in which Instagram presents the viewer’s list for your stories.

The list is designed to help creators understand which accounts are interacting with their profile the most and how this can be used to develop their strategies for stories and posts. 

How Does Instagram Order Your Story Viewers?

Instagram has two sets of story view orders for its users. This algorithm has two methods for putting out this list for its users.

  1. If you have below 50 views, then the story view order will be in the reverse sequence of watching your story.
  2. If you have above 50 views, then the algorithm shuffles this view order. The users that interact with the user more are on the top. 

Why Is Always The Same Person On Top Viewers On My Instagram Story? 

You might always see the same person on top viewers on your Instagram story because of the interaction they have with your account.

When your stories cross the 50 views mark, Instagram’s algorithm changes and arranges your story view order differently.

After 50 views, the story order changes with the most interactive account on the top.

The interaction can be like on the post, sharing of posts and reels, sending messages, visiting profiles, etc. 

What Do Top Story Viewers Mean?

Top story views mean the users that have the highest connection with your profile in terms of their interaction.

This connection includes sharing posts, visiting profiles, liking posts, etc. these accounts are placed on the top of your story view order and are called top story viewers.

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Instagram stories are becoming very important, especially for business accounts and creators whose livelihood depends on them.

The story view order allows the account owners to have an insight into the users that are interacting the most with their posts and stories.

Instagram’s algorithm aligns the story view order based on the views you have received on your story till now.

If the views are less than 50, then they will be presented in the sequence of their viewing activity, but as soon as the views cross 50, they will be aligned in order based on their interaction with the account.