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On TikTok, a new trend emerges every week. TikTok often encourages the playful and creative sides of all of its users, who then start to create new trends that spread like wildfire.

The most recent viral hit on TikTok is honey method.

Many people are convinced that using the honey technique of manifestation on TikTok would help them get their crush’s attention.

The most recent manifestation technique that TikTok users have been experimenting with is the honey method.

This trend started when the whisper manifestation technique made the platform buzz.

The Whisper Method, a famous manifestation method, has lately taken off on the TikTok, and users claim to have used it to manifest their ideal partners and careers.

However, the Honey Method is now spreading like wildfire on the TikTok, and this one appears to put a lot more emphasis on love. 

In this article, we will explain what is honey method and how does Honey method works and how you can take part on it on TikTok.

What Is Honey Cross Spell On TikTok?

Honey method also know as Honey Cross Spell or Honey Love Spell.

The Honey Cross Spell on TikTok might help you convince your crush to pay attention to you.

Honey Cross Spell is the easiest technique to get someone fascinated with you.

Honey Cross Spell of manifestation has gained popularity on TikTok, with users stating that by following the easy instructions, they were able to grab the attention of their loves.

In order to manifest being noticed by their crush, people uses honey and place a drop on their finger before creating a cross with their tongue and spell their name.

How To Do Honey Cross Spell On TikTok?

First, obtain some honey and place it in a jar or container in front of you. Then, start thinking the person you want to be fascinated with you.

Watching the videos, it is simple to see that there are many options for doing so. But the easiest method to accomplish this is to get some honey, put it on your index finger, and repeat encouraging words.

Affirmations like “They’re constantly messaging me,” “They keep calling me,” or even “They’re absolutely fascinated with me” are examples of what could be said.

Additionally, people are free to include as many encouraging statements about the person they are manifesting about as they desire.

Keeping a good attitude is essential for any form of manifestation. TikTokers also think that this amazing manifestation technique will be effective if used with sincere positive intentions.

According to some peoples, Honey  technique can only be used by Hispanics or Latinos, but if you want to use it even if you’re not one of those groups, be sure to remain safe and don’t be shocked if it backfires or you receive karma.

One thing I advise is to use affirmations with a lot of positivity. Don’t be negative or filled with uncertainty.

Ensure that you do it with sincere intentions. When you’re finished, just let it go, and you’re done!

Can You Do Honey Cross Spell On TikTok Only If You’re Hispanic Or Latinos?

There is a little catch here, however. For the Honey Love Spell or honey cross tongue technique to be effective, you must be Hispanic or Latino; otherwise, you risk getting the reverse outcome.

But there doesn’t appear to be a constant explanation for why that is. Some claim that since it is derived from brujeria customs, it is cultural appropriation (witchcraft). Others pointed out that honey has also been utilized in ceremonies in other civilizations.

“Now this approach can only be done by Hispanics or Latinos, but if you want to do it and you’re not Hispanic or Latino make sure to keep protected and don’t be shocked if you get karma or it backfires,” stated manifestation coach @valeriafune.

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