Helldivers 2 Autocannon: A Powerful Weapon For Close-Range Combat

Helldivers 2 Autocannon A Powerful Weapon for Close Range Combat

In the intense world of Helldivers 2, players are constantly seeking out the most effective weapons to combat their adversaries. 

One such weapon that has garnered significant attention is the Autocannon. This fully-automatic cannon is designed for close-range battle and is particularly useful against armored targets.

It is known for its high rate of fire and ammunition designed to penetrate medium armor, making it a formidable asset against armored adversaries.

The Autocannon excels in various combat scenarios, from engaging armored vehicles to suppressing enemy positions, and is effective against various threats, instilling confidence in allies and striking fear into enemies’ hearts.

How To Get Helldivers 2 Autocannon

The Helldivers 2 Autocannon is a powerful, fully-automatic cannon designed for close-range combat.

It is particularly effective against armored targets and is renowned for its rapid rate of fire and significant stopping power. 

It is a 20mm Autocannon that is a staple of Helldiver weaponry, usually reserved for APCs and other vehicles, but there is also a shoulder-carried version for the Helldiver

To acquire the Helldivers 2 Autocannon, players need to reach level 10, at which point they can unlock this powerful weapon.

This reflects the high-tier status of the Autocannon and ensures that it is wielded by experienced Helldivers who have demonstrated their combat proficiency.

Players have discovered various strategic applications for the Autocannon, particularly in solo encounters with formidable foes.

Its effectiveness in taking down armored targets has been highlighted, with players leveraging its firepower to overcome challenging adversaries such as the bile titan.