Grindr Explore Not Working? Reasons & Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble using your Grindr Explore?

Grindr has a special feature called Grindr explore that allows you to connect with people from across the globe and we understand that it is a very important feature for you.

On Grindr, users can access the “Explore” feature, which allows them to browse profiles and connect with other users in different locations.

The number of profiles that a user can interact with via Explore is dependent on their subscription level.

However you may be facing issues while trying to use this feature in Grindr.

But there is no need for worries because in this guide you will get to know all the reasons why your Grindr Explore is not working properly and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is Grindr Explore Not Working?

There can be a few reasons why your Explore feature in Grindr is not working properly.

Below are the reasons given that can stop your Grindr Explore from functioning.

  • You might not be a member of the paid service of Grindr.
  • Your internet might be unstable.
  • Grindr is not updated to the latest version.
  • The Grindr server could be down.
  • It could also happen that your Subscription of Grindr XTRA OR unlimited has expired.

How To Fix Grindr Explore Not Working?

If your Grindr Explore is not working then it means that the app is encountering some sort of problems while trying to implement the feature.

You can easily solve the problems if you follow the solutions given below.

Fix 1: Check Whether You Have Taken Subscription Of Grindr XTRA Or Unlimited

First thing first, you should check whether you have purchased the premium subscription on Grindr that allows you to use the feature Grindr Explore.

If you have not bought the subscription then you will not be able to avail it.

Free users can tap and chat with three profiles found via Explore per day, while Xtra users and Unlimited users can tap and chat with any profiles found via Explore.

Xtra and Unlimited subscriptions offer additional features and options for connecting with others on Grindr, including the ability to access more profiles through Explore.

Fix 2: Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Strong And Stable

Grindr requires a strong and stable internet connection for it to function properly.

This becomes more true when you are trying to use the Grindr Explore feature that connects you with places far apart.

If your internet connection is faulty then you will have to connect to your local service provider to solve the issue.

Fix 3: Update Grindr To Its Latest Version

Is your Grindr updated to its latest version?

If it isn’t then that could be the root of the issue.

When apps are not not updated to their latest versions they stop working sometimes.

And even if they work they fail to function properly asd they should.

So, go to Apple store or Play Store and update Grindr to its latest version that is available.

Fix 4: Check The Status Of Grindr Server

Grindr is an online app that is run by the Grindr server.

If the server is down then it will not work properly.

You should first check the server status to see the condition.

If you find that it is down then there is nothing that you can do except wait for the Grindr team to fix it.

You can check the Grindr server status by going here.

Fix 5: Log Out And Then Log In To Grindr App

You can Log out and then log in again back into the Grindr app.

This will help in solving any glitches and bugs that your Grindr app might be having due to which your Explore is not working properly.

Fix 6: Contact The Grindr Customer Support 

After you have tried all these solutions and even then your Grindr Explore feature is not working then try to contact the Grindr support Team.

You can communicate your problem to them and they will surely get back to you and solve the issue that you are facing.