How To Mod The Google Snake Game?

Google Snake Game mod

While Playing the Google Snake Game, everyone wants to know how to Mod the Google Snake Game. To mod the google snake game you have to first download it from Github.

Are you wondering about all possible “Google Snake Game Mods?” You might have played the google snake game, willing to know the hacks of the google snake game. 

In this article, you will learn not only about the Google Snake Game Menu Mod, but you will also know where the end of the snake game is? 

By the end of this article, you will also learn various world records on the Google Snake game and how to get a bunch of apples in the Google snake game. 

But, before going deeper into it, let’s learn what exactly the Google snake Game is and why it is popular?

Google Snake Game

The Google snake game is a simple game that is included in the Google search engine website. Basically, you have to control a snake trying to eat fruit while avoiding apples.

The game’s original author is unknown and has not been attributed in the code or in google’s sites.

Google Snake Game is a great source of entertainment if you are a gaming lover enthusiastic about playing snake games. It’s a fun game that people love to play while waiting for something in which the user moves the Snake around by using left, right, up, and down buttons to catch apples on the screen.

As the Snake eats apples it will be bigger, and higher the chances to collide with his tail or in the wall aside. That’s how the game ends. Rest you can see your game score on the top of the screen.

Google Snake Game Menu Mod

The Google Snake Menu Mod is a tool used to hack digital games or bypass their in-app purchase system. Using it, you can download the game files for free to use it seamlessly.

18 Best Google Snake Mods

1. Google Snake But DVD Screensaver

Its name signifies its feature, a DVD screensaver mode to enjoy the game at the ultimate level. 

2. Google Snake Time Keeper

Adds a unique feature to track your game completion minute and the highest score achieved in the game. 

3. Google Snake Animated Colours

Adds different color compositions to your board (background) and your snake. You can add elegant animated colors of your choice. 

4. Google Snake Any Board Size

Controls your Snake board sizes; you can customize your board size to any length, width, and height that you like. 

5. Google Snake Burger Mode

Get a varied gaming experience while using Google snake burger mode, which was released in March 2021, and you must try. 

6. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

Try this magical mode by typing the CMD “snake.wall_every_apple();” to your gaming console to set off the end game with apples.

7. Google Snake Skull Poison

It adds quite a funny and adventurous feature which is just for fun. Once you add it, the average red apple will be carried away, and what you see will be poison apples. If your snake eats this poison apple even by mistake, it will go out of control, adding adventure into your game. 

8. Aiyiwowtgwl

Adding this feature will make your snake invisible when the internet is off. Type the command “window.snake.invisible();”, to trigger this feature

9. Snake Centered FBX

This Mod is useful to center the Arcade mode of the Snake game. 

10. Google Snake Pretty Timers

if Google Snake Pretty Timers is on your hitlist. 

11. Google Snake Input Counter

Adds the feature that its title signifies. 

12. Snake Toggle Death Screen

Death screen mode will let you turn on or off over screen but remember that It does not change your states or game score. 

13. Google Snake Dark Mode

You can enjoy the snake game in dark mode by adding this Mod. For this, you will need to give the command of “window.snake.dark();” into the console. 

14. Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff

It is one of the best Google Snake Mods, which unlocks many game modes, backgrounds, and colors in the game.

15. FastMode

In this mode, you can control the snake using your arrow keys, and to speed up and slow down the snake (and fruits) simply press the ‘A’ or ‘D’ key.

If the snake hits the walls or itself the game is over. On the other hand, if the snake eats fruit, it will grow and you’ll have more control of it.

16. PeacefulMode

In this mode, the snake is allowed to move freely with no collision checking, as such both fruit and apples will not collide with it.

When fruit is eaten, it’s kept outside the maze for future picking. Once you eat an apple the game is over.

17. ClassicMode

This mode is for more experienced players, as it requires speed and quick thinking to successfully complete. The snake in this mode has collision checking (can collide with fruit/apple) while the apples behave as they do in ‘Fast Mode’.

You can use arrow keys to change the direction of the snake. This mode emulates the original snake game as much as possible (by drawing out all food and collision checking).

However, if you eat the fruit in this mode, only half of it will be added to your pile. The other half will remain wherever the fruit was eaten. If the snake eats itself, then the game is over.

18. WallMode

This is the most challenging game for social gamers. The maze becomes totally filled with walls leaving no gaps for your snake to pass through, as such it’s impossible to move forward without eating a fruit or colliding with an apple. You can use arrow keys up and down to control left and right respectively.

The interesting part about this game is that it uses a very simple and shortcode and as such the code can be easily modified with just a text editor.

The original author has left this open for all to use and enjoy, but we’re going to modify the game so that we can play different modes of our choice.

How To Mod The Google Snake Game?

Steps to Mod the Google Snake Game:

Step 1: Download the google snake menu mod. This is the package that lets you modify the web page in a way that allows you to change modes and play different types of snake games.
You may visit

GNG 1 to download the google snake menu mod. 

Step 2: Go to the bookmark manager. This is a feature built into most browsers that let you create your own shortcuts on the web browser’s bookmark manager.

It basically lets you create your own web page shortcuts.


Step 3: Click the three dots to open the google snake menu mode.


Step 4: And click “Import Bookmarks” to import the google snake menu mod.


Step 5: After adding “Moremenu.html” in your bookmarks, now you are ready to use it. To activate it, you need to search for the game first. Search for “Snake game.”


Step 6: Play the game by clicking it on “Play.”


Step 7: As you are in the game, go to “Bookmarks” by tapping on the 3 dots placed on the top right corner. From the dropdown, then navigate towards “Imported,” and then “More Menu Stuff.”  And click on the gear icon.


Note: You don’t have to restart your browser or click the refresh button each time you change a mode, the changes are instant.

At this point, any change you make to the code will be visible and usable on google’s search engine page.

Google Snake Game Hack

It’s almost impossible to crack or hack the Google Snake game because it’s a Google product built and designed in the google search engine.

Google is known for its best technology globally that is quite difficult to hack or crack. Sometimes you may find some hack, but that hack will only work until google detects or observes it.

Does Google Snake Game Have An End?

Yes, there is a definite end to the google snake game. But you can’t ignore the fact that the snake game has always been difficult to win.

The experts say if you are a gaming geek who will be focusing enough on the game, it will take around 12 hours to complete or win the snake game. 

When you start playing, you will find it difficult to focus for more than four or five hours, making it nearly impossible to win the game. However, you can try your effort and luck. 

Some players of this game have experienced that it becomes harder to manage even after eating 40 apples. At this point, many pro gamers failed to control the game as the size increased.

How To Get A Bunch Of Apples In The Google Snake Game?

There is only one mantra to consume more and more apples: “practice with a focus.” There is no other way you can get a bunch of apples in the game.

Google Snake Game World Record

At the time of writing this article, Google Snake – 252 points almost maximum score full gameplay – almost perfect.


Google’s snake game is highly playable, especially for people who are always on the go and travel frequently.

It certainly is one of the most addictive games available on google’s search engine page. The game has various modes which allow you, the player, to pick and choose what he/she wants. We’ve just modified the game so that we can play different modes of our choice.

People who are always on the go or travel frequently can simply modify their bookmark to suit their needs and enjoy a great time playing snake games on the google search engine page.