How To Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram?

Instagram Notes feature

Instagram started working on a new feature called Notes from June, 2022 onwards. Notes feature allows users to post quick content on their profile as announcement.

The ‘Notes’ feature will allow users to submit brief, ephemeral information, such as important notes or advice, that they desire to share with a select group of others.

On different social media sites, several individuals have expressed their ideas and opinions regarding it.

With this upgrade to the app, some users have become fans of the feature, while others disliked it.

In this article, we will explain about notes features on Instagram.

What Is The Notes Feature On Instagram?

The notes feature on Instagram permits users to post messages that expire after 24 hours.

You may share it with either your closest friends or the individuals who follow you and whom you follow back.

Instagram Notes 1
Source: Twitter

Notes feature allows Instagram users to post messages of up to 60 characters.

Instagram notes appears at the top of the direct messaging area. Thus, you may see the notes of your friends in Direct Messages.

Additionally, your friends may see your notes in their conversations area. If someone replies to your note, the reply will appear in your inbox.

Also, the peoples will not be notified when you leave a note. They can see your note only for 24 hours and can reply with a message.

Instagram Notes 2
Source: Twitter
Instagram Notes 3
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How To Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram?

No, you can not get rid of notes on Instagram. If you already updated the Instagram app to latest version and you got notes feature then you can not get rid of this.

If you want to remove notes feature then install the old version of Instagram app which don’t have notes feature. This is the only way to get rid of notes feature if you got.

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Instagram Notes are temporary messages that users may send to their friends. Your notes will be deleted after 24 hours. You have the option to choose with whom to share your notes.

To clarify, these are similar to WhatsApp status updates that can only be seen by the individuals you choose to share them with. 

Instagram Notes will show in the messaging area, unlike Instagram stories, and your friends will be able to respond. If a person responds, their message will display in your inbox.

Although Twitter has a new feature called ‘Notes,’ it is not comparable to Instagram’s application. The functionality of Twitter Notes enables users to publish lengthy information.