How To Complete Frame Job In Warzone 2 Dmz

To complete Frame Job in DMZ, players need to:

  1. Buy an LTV from a deployment in Al Mazrah
  2. Kill 10 enemies with the LTV’s turret in Ahkdar Village
  3. Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marshlands

Once these steps are completed, you will have successfully finished Frame Job and will be one step closer to unlocking the Black Mous faction in DMZ.

It’s important to note that these steps do not have to be completed in one go, so if you fail to destroy the LTV in the designated area, they can always try again.

DMZ Frame Job Not Working Or Progressing

If DMZ Frame job is not working or progressing, you can try out below fixes:

  1. un-activating and re-activating DMZ
  2. uninstalling and reinstalling DMZ

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