How To Fix World War 3 Slow Download Issue

FIFA 23 is football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts with HyperMotion2 Technology for even more realistic gameplay.

However, lot of peoples getting issue when they trying to download World War 3 from Steam.

After sometime their downloading going very slow.

Lot of peoples posted on Reddit and Twitter that World War 3 downloading speed is very slow.

“I can finally add the Game on Steam but downloading the game in the Launcher is really slow like 1mbit/sec max. Is it the same for you guys. I have a 1000mbit/s ethernet connection btw”.

“Can’t download. stuck on 1.4MB/S. Can’t do anything do fix, I haven’t even played it and I’m already thinking about uninstalling it”.

“Are you kidding me? 3w days to download with a 3rd party connection? I have pretty fast internet, this will be downloaded in minutes, I will not be there downloading in batches! Be serious and put this on Steam as any other game!”

“Download is slow as hell. Why are you using a p2p launcher instead of Steam’s server? We tried downloading it for hours and gave up. Bad start for this Game.”

In this article, we will discuss why World War 3 game downloading slow and how to fix it.

Why Is World War 3 Downloading Slow?

One of the most common reasons why World War 3 game downloading slow is an unstable internet connection.

If you have stable and strong internet connection then chances that there is some bug/ glitch in World War 3.

So, World War 3 game team working to resolve the issue.

World War 3 Downloading Slow 2

How To Fix World War 3 Slow Download Issue?

To fix World War 3 slow download Issue, make sure you have stable and strong internet connection.

Here are some tips to improve the download speed from the settings of the launcher:

  • Pause the download.
  • Set your download speed limit to no limit.
  • Set your upload speed limit to 20 KB/s.
  • Set the maximum connections limit to 50.
  • Uncheck the continue distribution after download is complete checkbox.
  • Unpause the download.

At the start it will still download with low speed and lots of fluctuations, but if you give it about five minutes it will straighten out.

Using these settings after the first few minutes passed I have been downloading with 75-100 Mbps on an 100 Mbps down connection.

For above tips full credit goes to Dat_Boi_John.

This is owing to the game’s free-to-play release attracting a large number of players.

The increased number of players has overburdened the game’s servers.

World War 3’s developers are continually monitoring player feedback and problems.

As they attempt to resolve these problems, the game may need more regular maintenance.

Patches and updates will be made available on a regular basis.

After that you can update the game to latest version.

After performing above fixes If you’re still having issue then you can contact support team:

Alternatively, you can also contact them on Twitter:

Also, you can join the Discord server:

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