Fix: Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen

Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen

Valorant, which has more than 12 million users worldwide, is one of the most played shooter games created by the Riot games. 

Riot Games has created and distributed Valorant, a free-to-play first-person hero shooter.

However, many players facing issue with Valorant, they are not able to play the valorant. Valorant is stucking on loading screen.

If you also getting same issue while launch then don’t worry you are not alone , other players also facing same issue.

In this article, we will explain why Valorant stuck on loading screen and how to fix it.

Why Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen?

If Valorant is stuck on loading screen, It can happen due to several reasons, such as:

  • There may be a glitch or a bug in the Valorant game.
  • Your game may not be updated to the latest version, or your gaming console’s operating system may also not be updated.
  • The DNS or cache may be corrupt, resulting in the Valorant is stuck on loading screen.
  • The graphics driver may not be updated or may be incompatible.
  • The game files on your PC may be corrupt.
  • There may be issues with your internet connection.
  • Your system may not adhere to the requirements needed to play the Valorant game.

How To Fix Valorant Stuck On Loading Screen?

Fix 1: Check Valorant System Requirement

To get the most out of Valorant, make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements. Check below system requirement to run Valorant:

Valorant Minimum Requirement:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Athlon 200GE
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD 4000 / Radeon R5 200

Valorant Recommended Requirement:

  • CPU: Core i3-4150 / Ryzen 3 1200
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce GT 730 / Radeon R7 240

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure you have good internet speed or stable internet connection. If your internet speed is slow then you may experience issue.  

If your experience differs, we recommend you reach out to your service provider for more info.

So, check your internet speed. Turn ON and OFF your router.

Fix 3: End Background Tasks Related To Valorant

The background running apps may decrease the efficiency of the Valorant game. When you have too many large backgrounds running tasks related to Valorant. As a result, you cannot load up the game.

So, first close all task related to Valorant from Task Manager one be one and relaunch the Valorant.

Now relaunch the Valorant game and If still Valorant is stuck on loading screen then try other fixes.

Fix 4: Verify Integrity Of Valorant Game Files

Some Valorant installation files may be missing or damaged, causing the game to break on launch.

To fix Valorant stuck on loading screen issue, verify the integrity of game files. your issue will resolved.

Steps to Verify the Integrity of Game Files of Valorant:

Step 1: Open Epic Games client.

Step 2: Now, go to Library and Look for Valorant

Step 3: Click on the three dots at the bottom right corner of its and wait for some time.

Step 4: After verifying the integrity of game files, relaunch the game and the issue will be fixed.

Fix 5: Update Graphic Card Driver To Latest Version

When your graphics game card driver is outdated, it is prone to be corrupted and damaged. This will also create problems while you launch the Valorant. 

In the search box on the taskbar, type “Device Manager,” after that tap on “Device Manager,” then Now a select a category to see name of devices. Right click on which you want to update.

Now, Tap on “Update Driver” after that, click on “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.” 

Now, launch the game and Check if Valorant is stuck on loading screen or not. If Valorant still not working then try other fixes.

Fix 6: Disable Firewall/ Antivirus

You can try to disable or whitelist the game in your Firewall or Antivirus if that is causing the Valorant is stuck on loading screen.

Fix 7: Uninstall And Reinstall Valorant

If none of the above fixes works, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the Valorant game. 

Fix 8: Restart Your PC Or Console

If Valorant is stuck on loading screen then try to restart your PC or console. First close the game then restart your PC or console and then Launch the Valorant Again. it will fix Valorant issue.

Now launch the Valorant game and If still Valorant is stuck on loading screen then try other fixes.

Fix 9: Wait For Sometime Till Valorant Fixes The Bug

If Valorant is stuck on loading screen then high chances that there are some bug or glitch in Valorant or Valorant server is down and Valorant team already know and is working to resolve the issue. 

In this case, you can’t do anything so just wait till bug is resolved from Valorant team side or Valorant server is up.


To Fix Valorant stuck on loading screen issue, Make sure internet connection is stable, restart your PC or console and Verify the game integrity files. it will fix the Valorant issue.

Alternately, there are chances that there is some bug or glitch in Valorant. So, in this case wait till the bug is resolved by Valorant team. 

After that also update the Valorant to latest version if available and Valorant will work fine.