How To Fix “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” On Apple TV

Are you getting “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” on Apple TV?

Apple TV is a revolutionary device that provides a seamless experience for users to access a world of content.

However, with any technology, issues can arise, and one of the most common issues encountered by Apple TV users is “Error Launching Application, The operation couldn’t be completed, (TVMLKitErrorDomain error 3.)

Either you are a user or developer, both covered in this article.

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” occurs and provide you with step-by-step solutions to help you fix it.

What Causes “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” On Apple TV?

Tvmlkit Error Domain Error 3

For Users, The “Error Launching Application. The operation couldn’t be completed. (TVMLKitErrorDomain error 3.)” error on Apple TV can be caused by several factors, including issues with your network connection, outdated software, or compatibility issues with the TVMLKit framework.

For Developers, TVMLKitErrorDomain error 3 occur when there was no connection to your remote javascript files host. Your tv device is not the same localhost as your simulator localhost. You should access the js files host by ip and make sure they both on the same network.

How To Fix “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” On Apple TV For Users?

To Fix “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” on Apple TV For Users, Try below solutions:

1. Restart Your Apple TV

To restart your Apple TV, simply press and hold the “Menu” button on your remote until the light on your Apple TV flashes.

Then release the button. Wait for the Apple TV to restart. Once the device is restarted, try launching the application again.

2. Check For Software Updates

To check for software updates in your Apple TV, go to “Settings” > “System” > “Software Updates”.

If a software update is available, download and install the update. After the update is installed, restart your Apple TV and try launching the application again.

3. Remove And Reinstall The Application

To remove an application from your Apple TV, go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage Applications”.

Select the application you wish to remove and choose “Delete”. Then, re-install the application from the App Store on your Apple TV.

4. Wait For Few Hours

If you have tried all the above solutions, it is possible that the issue is caused by temporary server issues.

In this case, waiting for a few hours may resolve the issue.

After waiting for a few hours, restart your Apple TV and try launching the application again.

Explain below fixes in detail with steps

How To Fix “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” On Apple TV For Developers?

To Fix “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” on Apple TV For Developers, Either Host Your Entire Client App in the Cloud or Connect Both your Apple TV and Your Machine to the Same Network.

1. Host Your Entire Client App In The Cloud

One solution to fix the “TVMLKitErrorDomain Error 3” on Apple TV for developers is to host your entire client app somewhere in the cloud.

You can use a hosting service, such as Amazon Web Services or Heroku, to host your client app.

Once you have uploaded your client app to the hosting service, provide the URL of the hosted files in your Apple TV code.

2. Connect Both Your Apple TV And Your Machine To The Same Network 

Another solution is to connect both your Apple TV and your machine to the same network and host your client app publicly in the local network.

To do this, you will need to start an Apache server on your machine using the terminal.

Open Terminal on your Mac and enter the following command:

sudo apachectl start

Once the Apache server is running, open a web browser on your machine and type in your IP address.

By default, you should see a page with the content “It Works!”.

Your files are located at this location: /Library/WebServer/Documents. You can put all your client code in this location.

Test the paths in your browser by hitting your IP address and the relative paths.

If everything is working correctly, specify the same path in your Apple TV native code and deploy it to the actual device.

Make sure that both your device and your machine are connected to the same network.