How To Fix TestFlight Beta Has Expired

Are you getting “Beta Has Expired” message in TestFlight when it has not expired

TestFlight is an invaluable tool for developers to test their iOS apps with a limited audience before making them available to the public.

It allows developers to share their app with beta testers and gather feedback, identify bugs and fix issues.

However, sometimes TestFlight users encounter an issue where they receive a “Beta Has Expired” message when the app has not expired yet.

In this article, we will discuss why this issue occurs and how to fix it.

Possible Causes Of “TestFlight Beta Has Expired” Issue


One reason of TestFlight Beta Has Expired could be related to having many older builds that are expiring due to age.

However, it is essential to double-check that only the latest non-expired build is the one installed on the device.

Sometimes, the error may occur due to an incomplete installation process, a bug in the app’s code, or an outdated version of the operating system.

TestFlight Beta Has Expired

Another scenario that can lead to the “Beta Has Expired” message is when a new build is available, but the user has not updated to the latest version yet.

It is advisable to update the app manually in such cases to restore it to a valid build.

How To Fix TestFlight Beta Has Expired

1. Uninstall And Reinstall The App

One of the easiest and most effective solutions is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

This ensures that the latest version is installed and eliminates any incomplete installations that may have caused the issue.

To uninstall the app, press and hold the app icon until it wiggles, and then tap the ‘X’ icon on the app’s top left corner. After uninstalling, you can reinstall the app from the App Store or by using TestFlight.

2. Check And Update The App

Sometimes, the “Beta Has Expired” message occurs because you have not updated the app to the latest version.

In this case, updating the app manually can resolve the issue. Open TestFlight, check if there are any updates available, and install the latest version.

3. Refresh TestFlight

If the issue persists, try refreshing TestFlight by pulling down the screen to refresh the list of available apps.

This action should reveal an update button if a new version is available. Tap on the update button to install the latest build.

4. Remove And Add TestFlight Account

If the issue still persists, try removing and adding the TestFlight account.

To do this, go to TestFlight, click on Internal Testing, and select Testers.

Remove the tester account on the device that has the issue, and then add it again.

This method often solves the issue and allows the user to launch the app again.

5. Load A Previous Build

If the above solutions do not work, you can try loading a previous build.

Go to TestFlight, click on the problematic app, and then click on Previous Builds.

From there, you can load a previous build and update it with the update button or by clicking on the install button on the most recent build.

This solution may only work temporarily, but it allows you to download and test the most recent build for a few sessions until the message returns again.