How To Fix Steep Offline Mode Stuck Issue

Steep is a Sports video game developed and Released by Ubisoft in 2016.

Even though the Steep Game was launched long ago, it still holds its popularity among game lovers.

Many people are spending money on the Steep Game and becoming fans.

Since you are here, I hope you are also one of the Loyal fans of Steep.

Sometimes your Game is stuck in Offline mode, and you cannot move toward the next level in the Game.

You will get the error message saying.

“Offline Mode: The Steep server is not available. It is not possible to start a new game or continue the INTRODUCTION phase when the server is not available. You will be redirected to the main screen.” 

The error usually occurs when the Game cannot communicate with the server.

This article will explain why the Steep Game is not working and the step-by-step troubleshooting methods.

Why Does Steep Offline Mode Stuck?


Steep Offline Mode Stuck because the not all the module in Steep can be played in offline mode.

Steam Offline Mode Stuck means the Game is offline and cannot communicate with the Steep central server because either the server is down or Under maintenance or you have an Internet connection issue.

Here are the following reason

  • Your Internet connection is down
  • Problem with your Game Console
  • Problem with the Steep game server
  • There might be an issue with Your Ubisoft Account
  • You have a Network configuration setting issue in-game console.
  • The steep Game file may be Corrupted. 
  • You have Issue with your System

How To Fix Steep Offline Mode Stuck Issue

They are several reasons why Steep Offline Mode Stuck .

Also, not all the users are having the issue. The issue may be occurring in a particular game station or region.

So check with other users in the community forum whether they are also facing the same issue. 

And first try refreshing your Game first and check the error is gone.

Second restart your game by closing all other application running background before trying the below troubleshooting steps.

1. Verify Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is essential for a smooth gaming experience. Check your internet speed and stability.

Restart your router or switch to another network, like mobile data or another service provider’s modem, to address any connectivity issues.

2. Check The Server Status

ubisoft status

If the Internet works fine, you must check and confirm the server’s working status.

The server issue may be in the Game Station or the Ubisoft server.

You need to check both the Game console and Steep game server status.

To Check the Steep server status, check the link here.

If there is any issue with the Server, it will be resolved within 2 hours automatically.

Else follow the next step.

3. Check Game Console Network Setting

If you are experiencing connectivity issues in Steep, the issue might be with your Network setting.

You need to check your NAT status in your game console. 

  • Go to Settings from your game console and Tap on General
  • Click on Network and Go to Current Network Status
  • Under current Network status, click on the NAT Type field.
  • If the NAT type is other than Open or Single Nat, you must forward the port to your device.
  • Check the port details here and set it accordingly.
  • Save and Restart the Game.

Now you can play the Steep Game without any errors. If the error persists, then follow the next troubleshooting method.

4. Disable VPN And Proxy Servers

VPN and proxy servers can cause IP and location data mismatches, preventing the game from finding the right server.

Disable any VPN or proxy server and relaunch the game.

5. Delete Stored Data

The issue sometimes occurs due to a corrupted game file.

Deleting store data will eliminate unwanted connection errors and other technical errors.

  • Go to your Steep Game setting 
  • Click on System Storage and Tap on Saved data
  • Click On Delete.

It will delete the whole step file, then install the steep Game freshly.

If the issue occurs, then move to the next step.

6. Check Windows Firewall Setting 

Windows Firewall setting may block some of the traffics automatically by default due to security reasons.

It would help to allow your Game console on the Windows Firewall setting.

  • Type Firewall and Network Protection from the Search bar
  • Scroll down and Click on Allow Apps On the firewall
  • Click on the Change Settings button from the opened window.
  • Remove the check mark the box next to Steam for both private and public
  • Click on Save Button.

Also, disable any antivirus software installed because it does the same work as Windows firewall. Don’t worry. You can enable it later.

Now restart your Game and see if the error is gone. 

7. Check The Ubisoft Account Play Status

Check your Ubisoft account status.

If your Ubisoft account is offline, the Game might be offline, and you cannot move forward.

Check your Ubisoft account status and change it to Online mode.

8. Ensure Hidden File Status

If your file is in the Steam hidden folder, you will face Errors; check your Hidden file in Steam.

If Steep is in Hidden folders, Remove it and try playing the Game.

To remove the file from Hidden Games

  • Go to the View tab in your Steam Account.
  • Select Hidden Games from the View section
  • Find a Steep game and Right-click On the Game.
  • Tab on Manage from the window.
  • Select Remove From Hidden.

Now check whether you can play without any issues.

9. Ensure Complete Game Download

Another reason is that your Game might be installing and downloading the next module, and your steep screen is stuck on Offline Mode.

If you haven’t downloaded or installed the full Game, you must wait until it’s finished and it opens up beyond the tutorial or the current level.

Please do not disturb the Game until it completes its downloading process.

Now you can play your Steep sports without any errors.

10. Try Playing Steep After Some Time

If the error persists, then close the game properly.

Wait a few hours, or open and launch the Game the next day.

It seems illogical, but giving some break to the system and the game file before launching will fix any technical or hardware glitches.

If nothing above the method favours you, contact Ubisoft customer support. They will assist you further in resolving the Error: Steep Stuck On Offline Mode.

Meanwhile, check your game status as well. It might be up any time.