How To Fix Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug

How To Fix Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug 2

Are you also dealing with the Sarah Morgan bug in Starfield?

Many players are encountering the same bug which messes up how you talk to a character named Sarah Morgan, who can be your friend and maybe even more in the game.

Starfield took eight whole years for development but in spite of that, the end result was very decent. The game has been experiencing a lot of bugs and errors.

It becomes very frustrating for the players when the bug arises and this bug prevents players from recruiting or romancing Sarah Morgan.

Many players are reporting that this bug cause issue like dialogue errors, quest failures, or game crashes.

If you are also struggling with the “Sarah Morgan” bug then don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have prepared a guide to help you fix this issue.

Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug

What Is Starfield Sarah Morgan’s Bug?

The Sarah Morgan is a glitch that occurs in Starfield. It affects the character of Sarah Morgan, who is a potential companion in the game.

This bug appears when players see Sarah Morgan, a researcher for the UC Science Division, on the planet of Eos.

This bug interferes with the In Memoriam Starfiled mission. And if you are unable to complete the In Memoriam mission in Starfield because of the Starfield Sarah Morgan bug. Then, it becomes very important to understand this bug thoroughly.

While completing the In Memoriam quest when you are about to collect Genetags, Sarah Morgan stops following you. The Sarah Morgan dialogue bug is causing dialogue errors, quest failures, or game crashes.

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Apart from the Sarah Morgan bug, there is another issue while completing the In Memoriam quest. It’s the Starfield freezing or crashing when starting a conversation with her.

Due to this issue, you will not be able to continue your game. We have mentioned below the major fixes that might help you with the above issue. So stay with us and have a look at them.

How To Fix Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug?

To get past the High price-to-pay bug in Starfield, you need to get the Artifact, unassign Sarah Morgan from the ship, use console commands, reload a previous save, have patience, and contact customer support of Bethesda.

Below we have discussed the fixes in detail for your better understanding.

1. Get The Artifact

The first and foremost fix to solve the Starfield Sarah Morgan bug is to get the artifact from the guy on the ship in Venus and return it to the lodge.

There are chances that once you return the Artifact, Sarah Morgan may continue as a friendly, potential, and helping companion for the players in Starfield.

2. Unassign Sarah Morgan From The Ship Or Outpost

In order to complete the mission-‘Mission Beyond Measure‘ main story mission, you may unassign Sarah Morgan from the ship and travel back to the new Atlantics.

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When the mission is completed, Sarah Morgan will follow you again. The time you do it once, you can find her back again in the Lodge in New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System).

Simply interact and get her back to follow you to the right location in the ‘In Memoriam Quest’.

3. Use Console Commands

The Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug may be fixed by using console commands. This is done to set the stage with the Quest ID.

Below we have mentioned the way to use console commands to fix the Starfield Sarah Morgan bug:

  • The quest ID is COM_Quest_SarahMorgan_Q01
  • Type Help mq206a and then type setstage QUST 1000 or (Setstage <QUST ID> <stage number>).

Once you complete the console commands, leave and re-enter the Lodge. After that, Sarah should work like she is supposed to.

However, remember this approach can have unforeseen consequences.

4. Reload An Earlier Save

To avoid the Sarah Morgan bug, you may switch to an old game save before you even start the mission.

For players who have several manual saves, you can reload any one of them. Reloading a previous save might just be all you need to get rid of these bugs.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand this fix more clearly:

  • Reload a saved game from before the moment you initiated the power.
  • Hard reset Starfield: Shut down Starfield, turn off your gaming device, and give it a moment.
  • Once you’re ready, turn your device back on and launch Starfield.
  • Test the quest again and see if the bug persists.
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This works wonders especially if you haven’t ventured too far since then.

Remember, once loading a prior save before you meet Sarah Morgan, select alternative dialogue options, such as showing her respect, being friendly, interested, or both.

5. Have Patience

If Sarah does not accompany you immediately after you finish the mission.

Then you need to have patience in this case. Because there might be chances that she could not be accessible in-game for a few days.

6. Wait For Bethesda To Fix This Bug

The Eye Of The Storm bug Besthesda Customer Support

Unfortunately, these are the only fixes that have come across till now to fix the Sarah Morgan bug in Starfield.

If the above-mentioned fixes do not work for you, then the last option you can try is just to wait for Bethesda to fix this bug.

However, you can contact Bethesda directly from their help page by clicking here.

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