How To Fix “Queue Reset” In Overwatch 2

The team-based action game Overwatch 2 is free to play and is set in the hopeful future. Each match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield combat.

First-person shooter Overwatch 2 was created and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch 2 game was released on October 4, 2022.

As Overwatch 2 game is attracting lot of players more that what Overwatch 2 servers can handles.

That’s why players are going in long queue.

When players are going in long queue, After sometime queue numbers keeps reseting.

Suppose currently a player on queue number 2000 after some time queue number reset to 4000 or 5000.

In this guide, we will explain why is queue keeps reseting in Overwatch 2 and how to fix “queue reset” issue in Overwatch 2.

Why Is Queue Keeps Reseting In Overwatch 2?

Queue keeps reseting in Overwatch 2 because of some bug/ glitch in the Overwatch 2.

As lot of players trying to enter into Overwatch 2 which Overwatch 2 server can’t handle that much traffic.

Overwatch 2 technical team knows the issue and working ton resolve the issue.

Lot of players reporting same issue on Twitter & Reddit:

“I’ve been in queue for over an hour now. Only fluctuated between 2k and 4k in queue. I have no idea if anyone is actually playing the game on console in EU?!”

How To Fix “Queue Reset” In Overwatch 2?

To Fix “Queue Reset” issue in Overwatch 2, Try to change the server/ regions which is less crowded.

For example, If you joined in America region, Try to change it to Europe or Asia.

Steps to change server in Overwatch 2:

  • First Exit the Overwatch 2 game
  • Now, Launch and select “Overwatch 2”
  • Tap on the globe icon
  • Now, Change your region (E.g from Europe to America).
  • Again, Launch Overwatch 2

If you still not able to enter into the game then wait till the issue if fixed by support team.

You can also connect with support team here:

Blizzard Provided updated in their website regarding Queue Issues, Server Crashes, and Stability:

“Login queues, server crashes, and stability problems are intertwined, so we’ll talk about them together. Players may have been seeing their queue numbers jumping around, going from a small number to a larger number. This is due to there being two queues for players—one through, then one through the game itself. This process is usually invisible to players, but was being seen in real time. We have made changes to simplify the queuing process, so players should now only be experiencing the one queue before entering the game.”

“There are several areas where we’re working to improve stability. Today we’ve patched a server that is critical to the login experience, and this change has increased login reliability. Beyond queues, we’re in progress with another server update that will reduce the occurrences of players being disconnected once they’re already in game.”

“Finally, the player database is being overloaded, which cascades and causes a backup in the login system, which eventually leads to some people being dropped out of queues or being unable to log in at all.”

“We’re continuing to add nodes to ease the pressure on the player database. The process of adding nodes requires replication of data, which inherently adds pressure to an already stressed system, so we’re doing it slowly to not cause any further disruption as devs and engineers work through separate issues. We are also currently throttling queues in order to protect the player database as much as we can while we scale—this feels bad in the short-term, but once it’s done, will greatly improve the experience for players across multiple fronts moving forward.”

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