How To Fix “No Opponent Found” In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts with HyperMotion2 Technology for even more realistic gameplay.

Many peoples facing issue that they are not able to find opponent in the game.

Players facing error “no opponent found” error on everywhere like on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

The error players are getting “No opponent found” followed by “Try choosing a club with different star level, or loosen your matchmaking and controller settings“.

In this article, we will discuss why what does no opponent found mean in FIFA 23 and how to fix it.

What Does “No Opponent Found” Mean In FIFA 23?

No opponent found in FIFA 23 means you didn’t find any opponent player to play with them.

No Opponent Found FIFA 23

If you want to play FIFA 23 then there should be some opponent.

How To Fix “No Opponent Found” In FIFA 23?

To Fix “No opponent found” in FIFA 23, Set Matchmaking settings “control” to “Any” and Set “Approximate Location Matchmaking” to “NO“.

After doing so you will find opponent in FIFA 23.

To Set Matchmaking settings “control” to “Any“, First tap on “Matchmaking Settings” >> Now, set “control” to “Any“.

No Opponent Found Approximate Location Matchmaking FIFA 23

To Set “Approximate Location Matchmaking” to “NO“, Go to Main menu >> Tap on Customise >> Tap on “Online settings” >> Tap on “Matchmaking options” >> Set “Approximate Location Matchmaking” to “NO” and Cross-play Enabled to “YES“.

Approximate Location Matchmaking matchmaking settings FIFA 23

Now try to search opponent and you will opponent to play.

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