How To Fix Lords Of The Fallen Character Creation Crash, Can’t Enter The Game

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Are you having trouble playing Lords of the Fallen due to a character creation crash? This is a common issue that many players have experienced.

When you create a character and try to enter the game, it crashes and gets stuck on the loading screen.

This can be frustrating, especially if you have been looking forward to playing the game.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you fix the problem.

In this article, we will explore some of the common causes of the character creation crash in Lords of the Fallen and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Lords of the Fallen Character Creation Crash Cant Enter the Game

How To Fix Lords Of The Fallen Character Creation Crash, Can’t Enter The Game

If you are experiencing issues with the character creation in Lords of the Fallen, and the game crashes when you try to enter it, here are some possible solutions that may help you fix the problem:

1. Run The Game As Administrator

One possible fix for the character creation crash is to run the game as an administrator.

To do this, navigate to the Steam\steamapps\common\Lords Of The Fallen\bin folder and run LordsOfTheFallen.exe as an administrator.

This may help the game run more smoothly and prevent crashes.

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2. Repair Game Files

The second thing you should try is to repair the game files. This can be done by opening Steam, right-clicking on Lords of the Fallen in your library, selecting Properties, clicking on the Local Files tab, and then clicking on Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will check the game files for any errors and repair them if necessary.

3. Check System Requirements

Before attempting any other fixes, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for running Lords of the Fallen.

Check the game’s system requirements on the official website by clicking here. or on Steam to ensure that your computer has the necessary hardware and software to run the game without crashing.

4. Verify Game Files

If you’re experiencing crashes during character creation, there may be an issue with the game files themselves.

To fix this, verify the integrity of the game files on Steam. Right-click on the game in your Steam library, select Properties, click on the Local Files tab, and then click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will check for any missing or corrupted files and replace them if necessary.

5. Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can cause crashes and other performance issues in Lords of the Fallen.

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Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date by visiting the website of your graphics card manufacturer and downloading the latest drivers.

6. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations And Change High DPI Scaling

Some users have reported that disabling fullscreen optimizations and changing high DPI scaling can help prevent crashes in Lords of the Fallen.

To do this, right-click on the game’s .exe file, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and then check the box next to Disable Fullscreen Optimizations.

You can also change the High DPI Scaling Override setting to Application in the same tab.

7. Install Visual C++ Redistributables

Lords of the Fallen requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to run properly. If you don’t have this software installed, you may experience crashes and other issues.

Visit the Microsoft website to download and install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable.

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