How To Fix IPhone Unavailable Try Again In 8 Hours

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, known for its sleek design, advanced features, and intuitive interface.

Have you entered the passcode on your iPhone many times?

Now, Are you getting “iPhone unavailable, try again in 8 hours” or “iPhone unavailable, try again in 7 hours 58 minutes” error on your iPhone lock screen?

This message appears when you’ve entered the incorrect passcode too many times and you’re locked out of your own device.

In this blog, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix this issue, quickly and effectively.

From waiting for the lock to expire to using iTunes to restore your iPhone, we’ve got you covered.

What Does “iPhone Unavailable Try Again In 8 Hours” Mean?

“iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 8 hours” means that you have entered the wrong passcode many times to unlock your iPhone and now you have to wait 8 hours to try again.

“iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 8 hours” message is a security feature that appears after many failed passcode attempts and is put in place to protect your device from unauthorized access.

iphone unavailable try again in 8 hours

If someone were to try guessing your passcode, the device would lock after many failed attempts to prevent access to your data.

The 8 hours lock is in place to give you time to remember your passcode or seek assistance from Apple support.

It is important to note that “iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 8 hours” message indicates that your iPhone is locked and will remain so for 8 hours before you can try entering the passcode again.

How To Fix IPhone Unavailable Try Again In 8 Hours?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix the “iPhone unavailable, try again in 8 hours” issue:

Step 1: Wait For The 8 Hour Lock To Expire

The first step is to simply wait for the 8 hour lock to expire. After the lock has expired, you can try entering your passcode again to see if it unlocks your iPhone.

Step 2: Check Your Passcode

Make sure you are entering the correct passcode. If you have recently changed your passcode and forgotten it, you will have to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

Step 3: Try Using The Recovery Process

If you’ve forgotten your passcode, you can try using the recovery process to restore your iPhone and reset the passcode. To do this, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to restore the device.

Step 4: Make Sure You Have A Recent Backup

Before proceeding with the recovery process, it’s important to make sure you have a recent backup of your iPhone’s data. This is because the recovery process will erase all data on your iPhone, so having a recent backup will ensure you don’t lose any important information.

Step 5: Connect Your IPhone To Your Computer

Once you have a recent backup, connect your iPhone to your computer using the appropriate cable.

Step 6: Open ITunes

Open iTunes on your computer.

Step 7: Put Your IPhone In Recovery Mode

Put your iPhone in recovery mode by holding down the power button and home button (or volume down button on newer models) until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears.

Click “Restore iPhone” in iTunes: In iTunes, click the “Restore iPhone” button to begin the recovery process.

Step 8: Wait For The Process To Complete

The recovery process may take some time, so wait for it to complete.

Step 9: Set Up Your IPhone

Once the recovery process is complete, you’ll be prompted to set up your iPhone as new. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Step 10: Enter A New Passcode

Once your iPhone is set up, you’ll be prompted to enter a new passcode. Make sure to choose a passcode that you’ll remember this time.

Step 11: Restore From Backup

After setting up your iPhone, you can restore your data from the recent backup you made before the recovery process. This will bring back all your contacts, photos, messages and other important data.

Step 12: Contact Apple Support Or Visit Near By Location

If you are unable to unlock your phone using the above methods, you can contact Apple Support or visit nearby apple support centre for further assistance. They will help you to unlock your phone or provide you with additional options.

It is important to note that if you have enabled the “Erase Data” feature in your iPhone, after certain incorrect passcode attempts or if you have manually erased your data, all the data on your iPhone will be deleted.

So it is always recommended to have a backup of your data.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to fix the “iPhone unavailable, try again in 8 hours” issue and regain access to your iPhone.