How To Fix Inactive Private Servers In Roblox

Roblox is an online game creator system where you can jump in and out of several virtual worlds and play any game for free on this platform. But it has been experiencing plenty of inactive issues.

While playing Roblox on your mobile phone, it is required for you to have access to any server you want. This is done to avoid stress when you play games together with your friends. As Roblox is a huge game, there may be chances that the server is full, leading to the inactivity of a private server. 

So, how do you fix Roblox Private Server Inactive? Private servers allow you to control who can join you in games. Private server owners get access to extra content. If your private server is inactive then you may not be able to do the same.

What Does Inactive Private Server Roblox Mean?

An inactive private server means that the account is not accessible anymore. Your account may have been deleted and no longer exists. Also, you need help to repair your account. Because if you go into their profile, it will show you Error 404 that the account no longer exists.

What Are The Reasons For Roblox Private Server Inactive?

  • Your private server may be inactive if a Roblox developer has changed the price of a private server. In this case, you will need to have adjusted the price of the server by getting your Roblox Private Server’s subscription renewed. 
  • If you run out of Roblox to pay for the server then your Roblox private server will be shown inactive.
  • It is required for every Roblox Private Server user to renew a private server every 40 days with Roblox. If you have not done that then your Roblox Private Server will remain inactive.
  • If you have not logged into your Roblox account for quite some time. Then due to the situation of Prolonged Inactivity, your Roblox private server may get deactivated.
  •  If Roblox Community has banned your account due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations. This may lead to the situation of Roblox Private Server Inactive. In this case, you need to appeal the account moderation or ban to get your Roblox Private Server Inactive.
  • If you have deleted your Roblox account for personal reasons then it may lead to the deactivation of the Roblox Private Server.

How To Fix An Inactive Private Server In Roblox?

If you are also facing the issue of Roblox Private Server Inactive then don’t panic. You can get your inactive account back by logging in to your account again. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to logging into your account again.

  • Reach out to Roblox Website and Log-in
Roblox log in
  • Update your Account information by going to “Settings”.
Roblox settings

In case, your Roblux account is inactive because it has been banned or moderated by the Roblox Team, then you can try to send an appeal to the account’s moderation.

How To Appeal The Account Moderation Or Ban?

It is important that you send an appeal within 30 days of the ban or moderation. 

As the Roblox Team review the appeal only once.

Follow the steps below in this regard.

  1. Access the Roblox Support Form_.
Roblox Suppor forum
  1. Write down your “Account Information” and your “Email Address”.
Roblox accont information
  1. Choose “Moderation” and “Appeal Account” Under the “Type Of Help”.
Roblox moderation and appeal account 1
  1. Justify why you are appealing The Moderation_
Justify moderation

However, there is no guarantee that after following the above-mentioned ways you can activate your Roblox account. Because the important aspect is what has happened to your inactive Roblox account depends upon the reason why it became inactive.