How To Fix “Frontend Login Waiting Repair Reset” On Star Citizen

Are you someone who loves to play Star Citizen in your free time?

Then you might have been seeing the error, “@Frontend_Login_Waiting_Repair_Reset” when you are trying to repair the character.

Many players all over the world have reported this issue but the good news is that they have been able to fix it too.

Star Citizen is a great game to play for passing your time.

Having this error while you have been waiting to play Star Citizen during your free time could be frustrating and can even ruin your holiday.

In this article, we will be going over the reasons why you might be seeing the failed to fetch error in your Star Citizen and what you can do to fix the issue. 

What Causes “Frontend Login Waiting Repair Reset” On Star Citizen

When you are seeing the error, “@Frontend_Login_Waiting_Repair_Reset” then it could be that your Star Citizen is undergoing a patch upgrade or it could be that the Star Citizen is down at the moment.

Frontend Login Waiting Repair Reset star citizen

The players have reported that they have been unable to open the game for some time now after reaping the character and are getting shown the message, “@Frontend_Login_Waiting_Repair_Reset”.

“Gone from the character repair screen to this, I’m aware that ALOT of people are getting this just curious to see what this one means.”

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“Has anyone done a successful character repair, did mine two hours ago and keep getting this error – @Frontend_Login_Waiting_Repair_Reset

How To Fix “Frontend Login Waiting Repair Reset” On Star Citizen

To fix the “Frontend Login Waiting Repair Reset” in Star Citizen, you can try resetting the launcher, logging out and logging back in, waiting for maintenance to end, checking for updates, or contacting the Star Citizen support team for assistance.

1. Reset The Launcher

The first fix that you can try is resetting the launcher.

If there is any issue with the launcher in your system then resetting the launcher should fix the problem.

To reset it, just open the launcher and press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R together.

You will be asked whether you want to reset the launcher.

Confirm it and you are done.

Now, wait till the launcher gets reset and then try to open Star Citizen again and check whether you can now open the game without getting any errors.

2. Log Out And Then Log In Again

Try logging out of your Star Citizen account and then closing the launcher.

Wait a few minutes, then reopen the launcher and log in again to see if the error goes away.

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Restarting your system before logging in again can also help.

3. Wait For Maintenance To End

star citizen server status for failed to fetch code error

The Star Citizen could be under maintenance or facing outages due to some technical issues.

If this is the reason why you are seeing the error then you will have to wait till the maintenance is done and then open the game.

You can check the RSI server from here. 

4. Check For Updates

Make sure that you have Star Citizen updated to its latest version.

Check to see if there is any new patch available that you have not updated for Star Citizen.

If that is the reason then you can update your Star Citizen from the launcher and it should be now working properly.

5. Retstart Your PC

Another solution that could help is restarting your PC.

This can help to fix the issue with the game and the launcher.

Lot of users able to resolve the error popup by restarting their PC.

6. Contact Star Citizen Support Team

After you have tried all the fixes in the above section you should be able to solve the error of failing to fetch code.

However, if you still can not solve it then you will have to contact the Star Citizen Support Team.

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Note: If the issue is happening due to a patch upgrade then wait till the patch gets released and you will be able to play Star Citizen again.

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