Fix: Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing

As billions of users use Facebook, Facebook is bringing new and exciting features which let users get benefits from the content that they are posting.

Facebook Professional mode provides a way to earn money and analyze what excites the community.  

With the use of the professional mode, you can convert your friend to your followers automatically, which will help you reach your goals.

Professional Mode converts your Normal Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page. 

With this option, Creators will be able to unlock revenue opportunities through their content and reels and gain access to different tools to help them grow their audience. 

In this article, we will discuss why Facebook Professional Mode not showing and how to fix it.

Why Is Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing?

If Facebook Professional mode is not showing, it can happen due to several reasons i.e.

  • Facebook Professional mode is not released in your region or of your age users.
  • Sometimes it may require access on your device. 
  • Maybe your profile not satisfying the requirement for this mode,
  • It might not appear if you don’t have a proper name(First name + Last name)
  • If your device or app is not up-to-date it can be a reason for not showing professional mode.
  • Might be if you have changed some settings that are not reliable for professional mode. 
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So there can be any reason for not showing professional mode on Facebook, But every problem has a solution too.

Here are some solutions you can try to get rid of this problem.

How To Fix Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing?

Fix 1: Wait Facebook Professional Mode Released In Your Region

If Facebook professional mode is not released in your region then wait until the feature is released in your region.

Fix 2: Wait For 12 To 48 Hours

If Facebook Professional Mode is realised in your region and still not showing then there is bug/ glitch in Facebook.

There are many ways to check if the Facebook server is down or if there is some bug/ glitch in Facebook.

First way is to go to downdetector >> Search for Facebook >> check if there is a spike in the graph or not.

If there is a spike then either Facebook server is down or there is some bug.

Wait till the issue is resolved by Facebook team.

Fix 3: Update Your Facebook App

Go to the play store and check if there is any update on Facebook, If any then update your app. 

You can download Facebook again with the latest version.

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If the problem is still there try other fixes given below.

Fix 4: Report A Problem Under The Help & Support Option

Open the Facebook App and take a screenshot of your profile, and profile settings where the option is not showing up. 

Now, Go to your Facebook home page, Click on three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner(Menu), and Scroll Down to Help & Support.

Tap on Report A problem, further click on Include In Report, and then select the profile option under select product. 

Describe the Issue of Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing in your way.

You will see a default screenshot, cross it and click on Add image to attach your profile screenshots.

Also, type your profile link.

Tap on the arrow symbol in front of the send report.

The Facebook team will solve your issue, you can click on the support inbox to see messages from the Facebook team.

Fix 5: Join The Beta Program

Update your profile picture and  set a proper name(first name + last name) 

Go to play store, type Facebook, Click on Facebook App scroll down to Join the beta that will help developers to help improve the app.

Open Facebook and check whether it shows professional mode or not.

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To Know more you can visit the Facebook Help center.

Fix 6: Send A Email To The Facebook Support Team

You can send an email to the Facebook Support team at [email protected]

In the subject, type ‘Facebook Professional Mode not showing’.

Then describe the issue and attach the screenshots of your profile as well as the profile link and send it. 

After some time, open Facebook, and it might be possible that your problem is solved and you get professional mode on Facebook.

That’s all you need to follow to fix issue related to Facebook Professional Mode.

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