How To Fix Error Code 2006 In Darktide

Are you getting error code 2006 in Warhammer 40000 Darktide?

Error Code 2006 in Darktide is a common issue that players face while trying to join a mission.

Error Code 2006 is a general error code that indicates that there is a problem with the game and it is unable to connect to the server.

It usually occurs due to server connectivity issues or other technical glitches.

It is typically accompanied by an error message and can sometimes prevent players from being able to progress in the Darktide game.

How To Fix Error Code 2006 In Darktide?

There is no particular fix to resolve Error Code 2006 in Darktide.

But you can try out below fixes.

Fix 1: Reduce the number of worker threads in the Darktide settings. To do this, open the game and go to Settings > Worker Threads, and reduce the number by at least 2.

Fix 2: Delete the Darktide AppData folder. To do this, press the Windows/Start key + R and type %appdata% in the Run dialog box.

Confirm and find the Fatshark folder.

Delete the Darktide directory and launch the game again.

Fix 3: Connect VPN to the Darktide game.

Some players have reported that using a VPN has helped them solve various problems in the Darktide game.

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If none of above fixes work, you can contact the Darktide game support team.

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