How To Fix EA FC 24 TOTW Pack Missing

How To Fix EA FC 24 TOTW Pack Missing

EA Sports FC 24 is a football video game, developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania and published by EA Sports.

EA FC 24 features the Frostile Engine, hyperMotion V Technology, Accelerate 2.0, and 34 brand new Playstyle optimized by OPTA.

The mode introduces evolutions, allowing users to improve eligible players’ skills, playstyles, and overall ratings up their players. In addition, male and female players can be chosen in the same team. 

The combined clubs and VOLTA football mode introduce cross-platform play between users on same-generation consoles. Users can cross-play between PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and, Windows. While PS4 and Xbox One users can cross-play with each other.

EA FC 24 releases a pack of players every Wednesday, commonly known as TOTW, Team Of The Week. it is a promotional squad of boosted players.

Why Is The EA FC 24 TOTW Pack Missing?

There are several reasons for the missing player items like quick sold, item expired, Squad builder challenge, freeze Ultimate Team feature, etc.

1. The Pack Was Sold Quickly

You can sell your players, and other items early by the Quick Sell feature of the game. It may probably happen that you sold your pack that why the TOTW pack missing from your account. 

2. Expired Items

The TOTW pack is a pack of players released by EA FC 24 every week on Wednesday. It may happen that your pack must be expired. So you are unable to find the pack on your account.

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3. Squad Building Challenge

Player items that have been discarded or submitted into Squad Builder Challenge (SBC) can’t be recovered.  

4. Problematic PC Or Console

This could happen if your PC or Console is not correctly connected. the wire must not attached properly or you have an outdated CPU or updates of the game are not installed.

5. Freeze Ultimate Team Feature

Sometimes when we try to search TOTW Pack in the ultimate team feature, it may freeze due to a bug or some error. This causes the pack to be missing from you. This is a technical glitch which can be removed easily.

How To Fix EA FC 24 TOTW Pack Missing?

To Fix the EA FC 24 TOTW Pack Missing you can do Quick sell recovery, restart the ultimate team feature, use it before expiration, and restart your PC or Console and use it efficiently.

These fixes are explained here to remove the obstacles for you and have a smooth experience.

1. Try To Restart Ultimate Team Feature

The TOTW Pack is available for the Ultimate edition and not for the standard edition. If you have a standard edition upgrade it from the purchase section.

If you already have an ultimate edition and missing the TOTW Pack, it may freeze due to any technical glitch. You can restart your Ultimate team and have your TOTW pack.

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Shut down the FC 24 Completely >> Refresh your PC or Console >> Restart the FC 24 >> Go to Ultimate Team Icon >> Check your TOTW Pack.

2. Recover From Quick Sell Recovery

You can undo up to 5 quick sells for player items per 31-day period. Quick sell recovery is only available on the web and companion apps, so you can only use it for the current version of EA FC 24.

Go to the link, or download the FC companion app from the App Store and Play Store.

Now, follow these steps,

  • Log in to the FC companion app.
  • Select the club.
  • Select Quick Sell Recovery.
  • Use the calendar icon to find the day you sold the item you want to get back.
  • Select the player item you want to recover.
  • Select Recover.

You need to have sufficient coins to recover a quickly sold item.

3. Restart PC Or Console

If you feel stuck, you can try to restart your PC or Console to restart the game or find the missing items.

Follow the steps below to restart your PC

Go to the Window icon on the desktop >> Select the Power Button >> Double-Click on Restart.

You can restart your Console by long pressing on the Power button for approximately 15 seconds to shut it down completely >> Wait for 5 minutes >> Click on the Power Button once to start the console again.

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4. Check For Updates

Look at the EA FC 24 direct communication channel in case they have posted about any issues that might be preventing your missing items from coming through. 

Here is a direct link.

5. Check Expired Items

If you don’t get the items after 72 hours, an EA FC 24 advisor will try to return them to you. You can get this by following these steps.

  • On the EA help home page, go to the EA FC 24 game
  • Choose the option See all help topics.
  • Select The missing content category.
  • Go to the option that applies to you.
  • Select the available options to connect with an EA FC 24 advisor.

6. Contact EA FC 24 Help Community

 If you still feel unable to resolve the problem or need any kind of help, you can contact the EA FC 24 Help Community. You can go for help by the provided link here.

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