How To Fix “Database Write Failed” On Facebook

How To Fix Database Write Failed On Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have come across the error message “Database write failed.”

“Database write failed” error can occur when you are trying to make a change to your profile, post a status update, or interact with other users on the platform.

The full error is “Database write failed” followed by “An error occurred while writing to our database. Please try again later“.

It is a frustrating experience that can prevent you from using Facebook as you normally would.

In this blog, I will explore the possible causes of this error and provide some potential solutions to help you get back to using Facebook without any issues.

What Does “Database Write Failed ” Mean On Facebook?

If you are seeing the error “Database write failed ” while trying to change you profile, post status update, like a post or share a post then that means your Facebook system is unable to write the information or command provided by you in its database and thus it is not able to execute that function at that moment.

It can lso be because the Facebook crawlers that tried to crawl your page faced the database connection failure at that exact moment when they started crawling. 

Why Did “Database Write Failed” Error Occurred On Facebook?

The error Database write failed’ is thought to be caused by a bug in Facebook as there is no clear reason why it is happening.

It does not happen consistently to an account either.

Database Write Failed facebook

As there is no specific reason why this is happening except identifying it as a system bug or Facebook server being down, there is no sure fire way that you can solve it except contacting the Support Team of Facebook.

However there are still some methods that you can try before doing that. Read the next section to follow those solutions in our guide.

How To Fix “Database Write Failed” On Facebook?

Even though this error ‘Database write failed’ is a bug or server maintenance by Fsacebook there are still some fixes that you can try to solve.

1. Refresh The Facebook Page

The first thing that you can try to solve the issue is to refresh the Facebook page.

Most of the time this will solve the error Database write failed.

However if it doesn’t then you can follow the solutions down below.

2. Log Out Of Your Account In Facebook And Then Login Again

You can always log out of your Facebook account and close the app on your device when such an error is happening and after sometime again log into the account.

However make sure that you wait for a few minutes before trying to open the app and logging in again.

3. Clear Your Browser Cache/ App Cache

Make sure that you have cleared your browser Cache and Facebook App cache if you are facing this problem.

To clear your app Cache of Facebook in your device, just go to Settings >> Then, Apps >>  Select Facebook from the list of apps >> Delete the Cache files after opening the app.

To clear your browser Cache, open Chrome from your desktop >> go to More (e6tE 9dO mVEwshqF949 5l7LWuN zDvu3 1zXDdbuoRK) on the top right hand corner >>  Select More Tools >> and then Clear Browsing Data from the options. You can choose a time range from the top or select All Time to delete everything.

Also don’t forget to check the “Cookies and other site data ” and “Cached images and files,” and then click on Clear data.

And with this all the Cache files on your browser will get deleted. 

4. Check The Facebook Server Status

Make sure to check the Facebook server status when this error shows up.

Sometimes this error happens due to the Facebook server being down.

Facebook is an online platform that takes help from its server to run its applications.

But if the server is down or under maintenance then it will show such errors, for example Database write failed.

In this case if you see the server is down then there is nothing else that you can do except wait for the Support Team to work on the server.

You can check out the Facebook server status from here.

5. Wait For Sometime

If you have tried all the solutions above and the error is still getting displayed then you can close the app and wait for sometime because it is probably a bug that the Facebook system is facing.

You can not do anything from your end if such is the case, except wait for the Facebook Technical Team to solve it.

6. Contact The Facebook Support Team

If you see that the Facebook server is working properly and the app is not having any such issues for other people and only for your account then you have to contact the Facebook Support Team.

You have to let them know your situation and the issues that you have been facing and they will be able to help you out with your problem.