How To Fix “Could Not Connect To Backend Services” On FiveM

Are you getting error “Could Not Connect to Backend Services” on FiveM?

FiveM is a popular modification for the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) video game that allows players to connect to custom multiplayer servers.

It was developed by CitizenFX Collective and was released in 2015.

FiveM allows players to access a wide range of new features and gameplay elements, including custom game modes, vehicles, and maps.

In this guide we will discuss why “Could Not Connect to Backend Services” error occurred on FiveM and how to fix it.

Why Did “Could Not Connect To Backend Services” On FiveM?

There can be a few reasons why you were not able to properly connect to a server in FiveM. 

In this section you will get to learn some of the problems that might be the cause of this error where you are seeing this message, “could not connect to backend services”.

1. You Are Not Running FiveM As An Administrator

If you are not running your FiveM from cmd as an administrator, it might cause the issue where your system will not be able to connect to FiveM backend services.

2. Your Proxy Setting Is Not Configured Properly

If your Proxy settings are not configured properly then also you will be having issues while trying to run FiveM properly. Some countries might have some policies against it which is causing it to stop its service requests. 

3. Your System Requests Are Getting Blocked By Your Antivirus

Interferences from your antivirus can be another cause for FiveM not being able to connect to Backend services.

Antiviruses can think of FiveM as a threat to your system and in that case they will not let it send any service request.

4. The Firewall For Your System Is Stopping FiveM From Connecting With Services

Except the antivirus, Firewalls can also stop FiveM from functioning properly.

Your system is protected by both firewalls and antivirus.

If the firewall in your system thinks that FiveM is a harmful application for the system then it will stop FiveM from functioning properly.

How To Fix “Could Not Connect To Backend Services” On FiveM?

By now you have understood the reason why you can see the error message, “could not connect to backend services”.

But you might be worried about how you can solve it. 

No need to get stressed about that. You can follow the solution in this section to solve your FiveM problem.

1. Run FiveM As An Administrator

The first solution that you can try is to run FiveM in your system as an administrator.

This could make your FiveM solve the issue of not being able to connect to backend services.

To run FiveM as an administrator, follow below steps:

  • Right-click on the FiveM shortcut on your desktop.
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

2. Correct Network Settings

You will also have to connect with a proper ip settings if you want your FiveM to be able to send service requests.

It is pretty easy to do as we will be showing you below.

Step 1: Go to Search bar and type “Network and sharing centre”.

Step 2: Open Network and Sharing Centre.

Step 3: Go to left hand side and select Change Adapter Settings.

Step 4: Right click on Wifi from the window that has opened and select Properties.

Step 5: A pop up window will appear. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and select Properties from below options.

Step 6: In the section, Use the Following DNS Server addresses put the value for Preferred server and 1.0.01 for Alternate DNS server and click on OK.

Step 7: Close all the windows now.

Step 8: Restart your Computer and then try to open FiveM again and it should work properly.

3. Disable Your Antivirus

You can also try to disable your antivirus that you have installed in your system.

After that uninstall and reinstall FiveM again and then try to open the app.

If your antivirus was blocking the programme from running successfully then this would solve the issue.

4. Disable Your Firewall

As an alternative you can also try to disable your Firewall and see if FiveM works in the system.

However, disabling your Firewall is not recommended as your system can get attacked by viruses if you do that.

So, be very cautious before you disable your system’s Firewall.

Some systems will not let you disable your Firewall at all.

5. Use VPN In Your System

You can also try to use VPN in your system to see if that works.

Some countries have restrictions which clash with the policies of the FiveM app.

This could be the reason why that app can not function properly in that country.

However if you are using a VPN then your system location can be set to a country where FivbeM works properly and you will be able to connect easily through that to the FiveM Backend services.

6. Contact The FiveM Support Team

If none of the solutions are working for you and you still end up seeing the backend service error in your FiveM then it is time for you to contact the FiveM support Team through their forums and discord.

You can go here and get the link to the forum and discord as well as see some of the answers to the questions that they have provided in their website for troubleshooting.