How To Fix BeReal Not Sending Code

Are you not getting code on your mobile number from BeReal?

When you try to login into BeReal, every time BeReal send code on your registered mobile number to proceed into the app.

Because BeReal app don’t have any login option directly with password till now.

But sometime people are not receiving the code as they keep waiting.

If you are also not receiving code on your mobile number then no worries!

In this guide, we will discuss why is BeReal app not sending code and how to fix it.

Why Is BeReal App Not Sending Code?

If BeReal app is not sending code then it can happen due to various reasons such as:

  • Your mobile network operator services are down at that moment
  • You have entered wrong mobile number
  • The verification code sent by BeReal is getting blocked by your phone
  • Your Message inbox is full
  • There is bug/ glitch in the BeReal app

How To Fix BeReal Not Sending Code?

To Fix BeReal not sending code, Wait for sometime and Tap on “Send on New code” button to get new code.

It will send new code on your mobile number.

Try 2 to 5 times to get code on your mobile number.

After some tries if you are still not getting code then you can call your mobile network operator and explain your issue, they will help you to fix your issue.

Also, make sure you have entered correct mobile number on BeReal app.

Also, try to restart your device and try to login into BeReal app and check you are getting code on your mobile number.

Because sometime issue is with not BeReal app or mobile network operator, the issue is with your device.

Alternatively, you can change your phone number by tapping “change the phone number” button and check you are getting code on new phone number or not.

Also check that your message inbox is not full.

If your message inbox is full then first clear it by deleting some message from your message inbox and try to send code again from BeReal app.

After trying above all fixes if you are still not getting verification code then there is bug/ glitch in BeReal app or BeReal server is down.

In this scenario, you can’t do anything just wait for sometime after bug/ glitch is fixed by BeReal team or BeReal server is up.

Make sure your BeReal app is updated to latest version always.

Updating the BeReal app to the latest version will fix all previous bug in the app which were known to BeReal support team.

You can also connect with BeReal app by sending email on [email protected].

You can also tweet on Twitter by tagging BeReal team and explain your issue properly.