How To Fix “Available In The Full Version Of The Game” In Atomic Heart

Is your Atomic Heart having issues where your Game Pass isn’t working?

Maybe it is showing the error, “Available in the full version of the game”?

If that is the case then you are not the only one.

Many players are facing this error where even after purchasing the Game Pass for Atomic Heart they have not been able to progress further than the intro portion of the game.

Currently, it is seen to be an issue that is only occurring in the Xbox series but the pre-order copy in the PC version is also causing the same error.

However, it can be frustrating for you when you have finally sat down to play the game.

In this article, we will be guiding you through some solutions that can solve this issue in your Aromic Heart.

What Causes “Available In The Full Version Of The Game” In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Game Pass Not Working 1

Many Xbox players have found themselves to be unable to advance beyond the intro portion of Atomic Pass with the help of their Game pass.

This issue is thought to be due to a bug in the system of Atomic Heart.

Though it is a bug that has been going around since the game launched.

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It is quite easy to fix and you need not face much trouble while trying to fix it in your Atomic Heart.

There is no confirmed information yet regarding why this issue is occurring, however, most players are thinking it is a glitch or a bug in the Atomic Heart itself.

How To Fix “Available In The Full Version Of The Game” In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Game Pass Not Working 3

Now that you have understood that what causes “Available In the Full Version of The Game” in Atomic Heart in your system is most probably due to a bug in the system, you might be wondering what you can do to solve it.

That is why in this section of the article we have discussed the solutions in detail for you to solve the issue in your Atomic Heart promptly.

1. Relaunch Atomic Heart

The first thing you can try is to relaunch Atomic Heart from your Xbox.

Many users have reported that simply relaunching the game after closing it has worked when they have been faced with the issue of the Atomic Heart Game pass not working.

2. Download The Update For Atomic Heart

The next solution that you can try is to download the update for Atomic Heart on your Xbox.

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If you see that the game is asking you to update it or when you encounter the issue, it is best that you check if any updates are available.

If there are any updates available then you will have to update Atomic Heart and then it will work as usual without the issue of the Game pass.

3. Restart Your Xbox

Another alternative solution that you can try is to restart your Xbox and then try to play the game.

Many players have reported that restarting Xbox itself made the game download the additional assets when it has relaunched the game which has in return solved the issue of the Game pass in Atomic Heart.

As the game is still in its developmental phase there are many additional assets that the game will have to download, without these Atomic Heart will not be able to run properly.

4. Contact The Atomic Heart Support Team

When you have tried all the solutions given above you should be able to play Atomic Heart without having any issues with its Game Pass.

However, if you are still unable to play it and are still getting the issue of the Game Pass not working then you will have to contact the Atomic Heart Support Team.

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As it is a bug, the chances are that they are already working on it, however, your input will help them to solve it faster.

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