How To Contact Binance?

Contact Binance

“Binance” is a blend of the words “bitcoin” and “finance.” It poses high safety and security measures, with multi-tier and multi-clustered design, and offers outstanding processing throughput—it affirms it can process over 1.4 million orders in a second. Binance favors trading in more than 500 coins, incorporating bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and blockchain-based tokens (BNB tokens).

Binance is an online trade platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It funds the most commonly traded cryptocurrencies and gives a crypto wallet for traders to save their electronic money.

The exchange arena has a benefiting service for users to receive interest in transacting cryptocurrencies. It also proposes strategies for miners and helps traders make purchase decisions. 

Binance grabs investors’ attention with its lower cryptocurrency exchange fees and 25% discount for users who make payments using the native token(BNB) than many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Still, we recommend you pay in a bit-by-bit manner for added transparency. Binance has high liquidity and offers a staking platform to deposit Stablecoins with the exchange “Binance Earn.”

The exchange program authorizes three types of trade orders: limit, stop-limit orders, and market. Limit orders are performed only at the limit price fixed by the trader. Market orders are completed immediately at the fairest available market price. 

Stop limit orders satisfy valid requirements only when the rate reaches a stipulated level. In these exchanges, no fee is charged for cryptocurrency or fund pledges. Though, withdrawals come with a varying transaction fee that must be paid depending on the coin and its amount. 

Binance owns a blockchain technology incubator known as the “Binance Labs,” which facilitates guaranteeing pre-ICO stage operations.

It assists worthy cryptocurrency project squads by giving them vital funding for development, advisory measures, and a launchpad for any important listing and fundraising activities.

Binance also delivers LaunchPad to host current and arising blockchain programs and API bands. Beginning from March 2021, 42 programs had been launched.

Binance has established a not-for-profit foundation called “Binance Charity” dedicated to progressing blockchain-enabled benevolence and multinational sustainable development.

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3 Ways to Contact Binance

To get through to the Binance exchange support service, you can either tender a request, deliver a straightforward message to Binance Support on Twitter, or broadcast an observation in their Weekly Support thread.

The Binance Support Center comprises numerous categories that you can choose from.

For instance, if you have an issue with buying crypto, tap on the [Buy Crypto Fiat/P2P]. You will land on the (FAQ) frequently asked questions page, touch the button to get answers. You can also utilize the search bar in the Support Center to discover the solution to your problem.

3 Ways to Contact Binance are 1. Tender a Request. 2. You can reach Binance Customer Support on Twitter. 3. Make use of the r/binance on Reddit.

If you are having challenges on the platform, you’ll possibly  solve them after going through the options listed below:

1. Tender a Request

The first option to contact Binance is to tender a request.  To do so, you need to drive to the connection link to make your request.

Firstly, go to the Binance website and click on the [Submit a request] link below the [Support] title. After clicking on [Submit a request], you’ll be directed to a chat screen.

The chat screen permits you to chat with a customer service agent. But foremost, you should select the category of the problem you’re having.

If you’re not signed in to your Binance account as a user, you will be prompted to do so. Secondly, specify your issue from the sub-category list on the app.

Once you do so, pause for a customer service agent to chat with you. This can take some minutes or hours, depending on the number of pending requests.

2. You can reach Binance Customer Support on Twitter

The second option you have is to contact Binance on Twitter. Binance retains a Twitter account for customer assistance @BinanceHelpDesk.

Go to their Twitter profile and send them a direct message Stating your issue in detail.

Binance twitter

3. Make use of the r/binance on Reddit

The last option to contact Binance is to use r/binance, an official subreddit for Binance.

This official subreddit has a thread that bonds with support questions and queries.

Navigate to the r/binance page and Tap the [Weekly Support Thread] command.

Then, make a statement concerning your confusion in the following format:

  • The exchange that you use (
  • ID support case
  • Description of an unresolved problem

Binance Email Address

Below are the Binance Email Addresses:


Binance Phone number

Below are the Binance Phone numbers:

  • US (657) 628-6332
  • US (813) 404-0808
  • US (929) 228-3440


Issues mostly encountered on the Binance exchange platform can be settled in the  Support Center. If you’re still helpless to resolve your problem, you can use the three options indicated in this article to contact Binance immediately.