Why Can’t You Edit Your Boosted Facebook Post

facebook edit boosted post

Ads that you make from posts on your Facebook Page are called “boosted posts.”

You may increase the number of calls, messages, video views, and leads by boosting a post.

Additionally, you could get in touch with those who are not presently following you but are likely to be interested in your Business or Page.

After boosting the Facebook post, you make changes or edit the post if you want.

But you can delete only certain components on the Ads like duration, Payment method, budget etc.

However, some users reported that they are able to edit the boosted Facebook post.

In this article, we will discuss why you can’t edit your boosted Facebook post and what components you can edit in boosted Facebook post.

Why Can’t You Edit Your Boosted Facebook Post?

You can’t edit everything in your boosted Facebook post because you can edit only few components of boosted Facebook post like duration, Payment method, budget, target audience etc

Once your boost has been approved and published, you cannot edit the text, image(s), or video of your Facebook post.

You’ll need to create a new post and boost it if you wish to modify your text, image or video.

What Components You Can Edit Of Your Boosted Facebook Post?

You can edit below components of your Facebook boosted post:

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1. Target Audience: Choose a suggested audience or develop a brand-new one based on certain characteristics.

2. Payment Method: Review and make changes to your payment method.

3. Time Frame of Your Post: Choose from the available time periods or enter a precise end date.

4. Daily Budget: Choose from one of the suggested budgets or enter your own.

5. Ad Creative: For your advertisement, choose a picture or video, a URL, and some text.

How To Edit Boosted Facebook Post?

Steps to Edit Boosted Facebook Post:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page

Step 2: Tap on Ad Center which is located in the left menu

Step 3: Find the Boosted post which you want to edit

Step 4: Tap on Edit Ad from drop down

Step 5: Tap on Save Changes After making all required changes

Step 6: Boosted Facebook post will be edited successfully.

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