How To Bypass Coinbase ID Verification?

Coinbase is a top-rated cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market.

It has made it easier for you to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies.

To make sure that your assets remain safe, it has launched an ID verification system. 

This is done to just add a security layer to your assets.

But, a lot of us may wish to avoid this process and access or view our cryptocurrencies.

For that, a lot of ways look for ways to bypass Coinbase ID verification.

Is there any way to do or should you do that?

You’ll find the answers to such questions in this article.

So, let’s dive into the article to know how to bypass Coinbase ID verification.

How To Bypass Coinbase ID Verification?

There is no way to bypass Coinbase ID Verification.

It may be possible that your account is locked for 24 hours to complete Coinbase ID verification.

So, unfortunately, there is no way to bypass the Coinbase ID verification restriction so wait for 24 hours and try again.

You cannot bypass Coinbase ID verification because it adds a layer of safety to your account.

It is necessary to keep your account safe from any fraudulent activity. 

It is safe to share your ID with Coinbase because it is a secure and trusted exchange platform.

They do not share your details with any third party.

It is not possible to enjoy the services of the Coinbase platform without ID verification. 

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Can I Use Coinbase Without Verification?

You can use Coinbase without verification. As per Coinbase user terms, you have to verify yourself with information to create or sign up for your account.

It is a crucial step to restrict fraudulent accounts and KYC completion. 

But, as per Coinbase company user terms, the user has to enter all information asked by Coinbase while signing up.

But, to continue using Coinbase to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you have to verify your identity later.

Without verifying, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of using the Coinbase platform. 

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Why Is ID Verification An Important Process In Coinbase?

You cannot skip the ID verification process because it is for your safety.

Your account requires verification for KYC and AML.

Let us discuss why ID verification is important.

1. Know Your Customer(KYC)

In the digital world, investors have to verify their identity before investing in stocks.

It helps the digital platform to know and verify the identity of a customer.

It helps the exchange platform to verify your information with your ID proof. 

2. Prevent Fraud

Hackers or scammers can steal your digital assets through illegal practices.

All users’ ID verification is a very important process to prevent fraud activities.

3. Prevent Multiple Accounts

Coinbase uses an ID verification process to prevent fraudulent accounts on the platform.

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The platform verifies you, again and again, to check whether you are editing the payment details or not. 

Coinbase Identity Verification Troubleshooting 

Sometimes users are not able to verify their identity on the platform due to some issues, and they are not able to use the exchange platform to trade in cryptos. 

You cannot bypass coinbase verification but we can help you to troubleshoot the ID verification-related issue.

Firstly make sure you enter the correct details during the signing up process. 

  1. When you upload your ID to verify your information, sometimes the system is unable to upload your ID. This can happen because there is sometimes a problem connecting to the verification service. You should wait for around 15-20 minutes and then upload your ID to verify. 
  2. If you try to upload your ID, but your account is blocked for 24 hours. The platform says you can try again after 24 hours. It might happen because the information you entered doesn’t match with details printed on your ID. You can try again after 24 hours and make sure the details you entered manually and mentioned on your ID are the same. If still, you are not able to verify your identity, try the verification process from some other device or browser. 
  3. Many times it happens when a customer has uploaded their ID, but the Coinbase platform says to re-upload it. For trading in the cOinbase platform, they will ask you for additional verification. You will have to upload your ID through the option available on the platform. 
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Is An ID From A Different Country Accepted To Complete Verification In Coinbase?

If you live in a country that is different from the country mentioned in your ID, you cannot complete the ID verification process.

Coinbase does not accept ID from a country in which you are not living.

In this situation, the ID verification process will not get completed.

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What Will Happen If You Don’t Complete Coinbase Verification Process?

If you do not verify your identity, you will not be allowed to enjoy the services on the Coinbase platform.

Your Coinbase account will get restricted if you will not complete the entire verification process.

You will not be able to trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the platform. 


Coinbase is a famous crypto exchange platform that requires ID verification.

User verification is vital to help the platform know their customer and match their identity.

The verification process is essential for users’ assets’ safety. 

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