BeReal Memories Explained In Detail

BeReal Memories Explained In Detail

Everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but do you know about another engaging social media Platform? It’s BeReal. 

It is one of the fabulous social media platforms where you can post pictures called memories and share them with your friends. 

What Are Memories On BeReal?

Memories in BeReal refer to the posts that you have made in the past.

The post will disappear from the BeReal discover section after 24 hours but it will be saved in your Memories.

It is your personal gallery in the app as no one but you will be able to view these posts.

Your app already will have the Memories enabled in it and you can also deactivate it if you like.

However, when you deactivate it your posts will not be saved and will get deleted after 24 hours.

When you go to Memories you will be able to see “Share”,” Download” or “Delete” options for your posts. You can choose any that you want to do.

When you delete your today’s memory it does not delete the post that you have made today.

However, it will not remain in your Memories after it completes 24 hours. 

How To Activate Memories On BeReal?

If you cannot see your BeReal memories then that probably means that you have deactivated your memories.

In that case, you will need to activate your memories again. Here are the steps for doing that.

Step 1: First, open the app. And then go to your profile.

activate memories on BeReal step1

Step 2: On your profile page click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. 

activate memories on BeRealstep2

Step 3: After doing that a page called “settings” will open. Here you can see the option called “Memories”. You should click on it.

activate memories on BeRealstep3

Step 4: After you have clicked on it a page will appear where you can see that your memories are deactivated.

You need to click on the “Activate Memories” button to activate your memories so that you can see your memories again.

activate memories on BeRealstep4

BeReal Activate Memories Not Working

If You are unable to see the memories of BeReal then you can follow these solutions to resolve your problem

First, check whether you have activated the memories.

If you have then please activate it again and you will be able to see your memories.

Second, check your internet connection.

Sometimes due to network problems or a slow network, the memories will not show up.

If your internet speed is slow or unstable then please contact your service provider.

Third, check and delete your cache.

It may be due to the app having too much-uncleared clutter that the problem is arising.

Fourth, if all these solutions do not give any results, please contact the support of BeReal and wait until they fix the issue.

How To See Your Memories In BeReal?

Finding your memories in BeReal is one of the easiest things to do in the app.

For seeing your memories in BeReal just follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, open your BeReal App.

It will open the page shown below.

After that just click on your profile at the top right-hand corner of the page.

see your memories in BeRealstep1

Step 2: A page will open where you can see written “Your Memories”.

Here, you can see that the page will be having a drop-down option where it will be written: “View all my memories”.

You can just go ahead and click on it.

see your memories in BeRealstep2

Step 3: After you click on the drop-down menu a page will open where you will be able to see all the memories that you have posted in discovery section previously.

see your memories in BeRealstep3

How Long Do BeReal Memories Last?

You memories will available in BeReal until you delete your account permanently.

BeReal memories are your personal gallery in the app.

You can see there all the posts you have made in the past in the calendar style.

If you delete or uninstall the BeReal and after some time if you install again you will find all your memories in your account.

How To Recover BeReal Memories?

You can’t get your memories back once you have deleted them from BeReal app.

When you enter your app you can go and click on your profile page to check out your memories from the last 14 days.

To see more you can just click on “View all my memories” where you can check out all your memories.

However, once you deactivate your memories or delete them you can not get them back.

So decide wisely before deleting your memories in the BeReal app.